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  1. Darkabsol

    Darkabsol New Member


    -Rules of the trade forum apply always (If I have more Itrader refs, then you send first)
    -Please state if your cards are not mint (all my cards are mint or near mint)
    -I send my cards insleeves loaded in top loaders, please do the same.
    -Ripping me off will make me file for mail fraud, and report you to admins.
    -English cards only
    -No worlds champion cards
    -I only send to USA

    I WILL ALWAYS GIVE FREE THROW-INS (i choose what cards) IF I AM TRADING FOR AN ODD NUMBER. (I send 2 cards for every toploader)

    X's, delta species, Legends, primes, and reprints

    Diagla lv X (tin) X1

    Rayquaza (delta species) X1
    Blastoise (delta species) X1

    Mewtwo H (rumble) x1
    Mew H (rumble) x1


    Unown S (SW) X2
    Unown I (MT) X1
    Giratina (PL)lv 70 X2
    Giratina (PL)lv 59 X1
    Deoxys speed form (LA) X4
    Roserade RH (SF) X1
    Roserade C (SV) X1
    Mr Mime 4 RH (RR) X1
    Chimecho (SV) X1
    Dustox (PL) X1
    Medicham (SV) X1
    Espeon 4 RH (RR) X1
    Espeon 4 (RR) X1
    Nidoqueen (MT) X1
    Slowking (GE) X1
    Lunatone (SV) X1
    Solrock (SV) X4
    Claydol (SV) X2
    Hypno (HGSS) x3
    Weezing (HGSS) x1
    Smoochum (HGSS) x2
    Slowking H (HGSS) x1
    Exeggutor RH (HGSS) x1
    Exeggutor (HGSS) x1

    non rare psychic (all reverse holo)

    Drowzee RH (HGSS) X1
    Koffing RH (RR) X1
    Bronzor RH (MD) X1
    Nidorina RH (MT) X1
    Gulpin RH (Arceus) X1


    Nidoking (RR) X1


    Luvdisc (PL) x1


    Altaria (PL) x1


    Butterfree (HGSS) x2

    Commons and uncommons

    Please ask as far as commons and uncommons go


    Flygon (RR) X3
    Shiftry (RR) X1
    Absol G (SV) X1
    Rayquaza (LA) X2
    Ryperior (SV) X2 (

    Tangrowth lv X (AR) X1
    Flygon lv X (RR) X1
    Infernape 4 Lv X (RR) X1

    !!!HGSS WANTS!!!

    Feraligatr PRIME x2
    Feraligatr x1
    Donphan PRIME x2
    Lugia LEGEND (top half)
    Ampharos x1
    Sunflora x2
    Ninetales x2
    Gyarados x3
    Jumpluff x4
    Shuckle x1
    Pokemon Collector x2
    Professor Elms training method x3
    Double Colorless Energy x4

    {{{{{{{CURRENTLY IN TRADE WITH}}}}}}}

    toj1988 -----*My: Rare Candy, 2 Drifblim, 2 Bronzong G..........His: Floatzel GL lv X, Additional Sp of his choice---

    KsAsh05 -----*My: 3 treecko , grovyle , 2 Mareep..........His: 4 bench shields---

    {{{{{{{HALL OF FAME}}}}}}}

    dark shadow
    Dannyl16 (CNM)
    espeon1 (SS)
    Zaeden906 (SS)
    poke J

    {{{{{{{HALL OF SHAME}}}}}}}

    toj1988 <---RIPPER--<<<
    Heatran1991(never sent cards)
    KsAsh05 <---RIPPER--<<<
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  2. LINX009

    LINX009 New Member

    Do you have any other Lv.Xs?
  3. Darkabsol

    Darkabsol New Member

    Not for trade unless you make me a really sweet deal. Make an offer and tell me what lv x you would want for it. Just a heads up i dont have flygon X.
  4. StringOfFate

    StringOfFate New Member

    If you have a unlisted Dusknoir DP id trade good for it :3 just let me know :D
  5. LINX009

    LINX009 New Member

    First of all I have at least 2 of every Lv.X (3 Flygon Lv.Xs one of which is for trade) Secondly I was just wondering if you had any others I could use for trades to People I know I personally don't need any Lv.Xs so I would suggest you be a little more polite Third I'm not going to rip Myself off for cards I would want for trades
  6. Darkabsol

    Darkabsol New Member

    A little more polite? I said nothing that was hurtful, nor did i attack you. For future reference, if people dont list cards on there trade threads it usually means they arnt trading them. Also the rules to my trade thread ask to please make an offer first. So with all that being said. You asked a question, and i gave you an answer. Please dont assume that i am attacking you when i say not for trade.
  7. StringOfFate

    StringOfFate New Member

    I'm guessing that means you don't have one, well thanks for your time man :3
  8. Darkabsol

    Darkabsol New Member

    Sorry bro, i was meaning to get back to you. I checked my binder and didnt have any. : (
  9. StringOfFate

    StringOfFate New Member

    Thats all good, Just checked and i need x4 Expert Belts and x3 DCE you got any of those? Oh and x3 BTS and x7 Rare Candy, Any of these? :3 Once again thanks for your time :D
  10. LINX009

    LINX009 New Member

    TBH I thought I would be nice and come to you considering i have cards you want I was just wondering if you had any other Lv.Xs you turned around and automatically started assuming that I wanted Flygon Lv.X which I felt was a little unnecessary if you want to CML and see if you might want other stuff as well be my guess but I guess this is also the last time I try to be nice and go to some one else for their wants
  11. Darkabsol

    Darkabsol New Member

    Assuming you wanted flygon wasnt a stab at you. Besides Who doesnt want flygon? I know i do. All i can say is, you must be having a rough day since your jumping down everyones throat. Please dont reply to my thread again until your ready to be mature.

    String of fire - At this moment i am currently using all the Expert belts and double colorless energy. Also i only own one broken time space and currenlty all my rare candys are being traded.
  12. LINX009

    LINX009 New Member

    No your the only one because you assumed I wanted it and I don't but moving on from that if you want to check my wants for stuff you may have LMK I don't mind either way as I said before I was just trying to be nice by bringing your wants to you
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