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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by DarkMaster321, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. DarkMaster321

    DarkMaster321 New Member

    Sup everybody, I was just wondering what you guys think about the new Darkrai Lv.X. I already have a Darkrai to use with him and I was wondering if you thought he would be a good addition to my Darkness/Grass deck. Here is the current layout of the "Dark Forest" deck im building.

    Darkrai x1
    Cacnea x3
    Cacturne x2
    Sneasel x1
    Carvanha x1
    Sharpedo x1
    Houndour x2
    Houndoom x2
    Zangoose x2
    Oddish x3
    Gloom x2
    Vileplume x1
    Dark Vileplume x1
    Bellosom x1
    Carnivine x1
    Heracross x1
    Roselia x1
    Life Herb x5
    Potion x3
    Roseanne's Research x1
    PlusPower x1
    Amulet Coin x1
    Grass Energy x9
    Darkness Energy x5
    Special Darkness Energy x3
    Fire Energy x3
    Potion Colorless Energy x3
    Full Heal Colorless Energy x1
    Rainbow Energy x1
    Double Colorless Energy x1
  2. ApachePrime

    ApachePrime New Member

    Many cards listed are not currently in the modified format, so you couldn't play this deck at a Tournament.

    I think you have too many different pokemon, and if you were to bring it up to more than 1 of each line you would be much better off.
  3. DarkMaster321

    DarkMaster321 New Member

    Im not looking to play in tournemant, just at home. There arent any leagues around. I think the varity acctually helps out alot when battleing my friends.
  4. Kajo Okira

    Kajo Okira New Member

    Life Herb x5

    when did rules allow five a card if not a basic energy?

    Past that please space a bit on the top it is blindingly confusing...
  5. neb27

    neb27 New Member

    you seem to be limited on your cards, or you just like to put random cards in a deck. but i do think a dark/grass deck would be good but hard to make.
  6. DarkMaster321

    DarkMaster321 New Member

    I acctually only have 3 life hebs now (thank you very much) and if yall are so smart what do you sugest I use?
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