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    My 6 year old has been playing Darkrai-Weavile-Wigglytuff. The loss of Sydney's Stadium puts this deck out of commision. I think that he will want to continue playing Darkrai in the DP on format. This is mostly for league but he may go to his first BR this year. Here is the list we are considering:

    Deck List:

    4 Darkrai(GE) 3-1
    7 Togikiss(GE) 3-1-3
    4 Sableye(LA) 4
    4 Claydol(GE) 2-2

    3 : Night Maintenance, MT-113
    3 : Rare Candy, GE-102
    2 : Dusk Ball MT-110
    4 : Roseanne's Research, SW-125
    4 : Bebe's Search, SW-119
    2: Team Galactic’s Wager MD-115
    3: Snowpoint Stadium LA
    2: Felicity’s Drawing GE-98

    4 : Special Dark
    14 : Basic Dark


    Sableye LV.31 – Darkness – HP60
    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Body: Rashness
    If this Pokemon is an Active Pokemon when the cards are flipped over at the beginning of the game, regardless of who won the coin toss, the owner of this card goes first. (This Body doesn’t work if the opponent’s Active Pokemon also has a Rashness Poke-Body.)

    [.] Human Mimic: Search your deck for a Supporter card, discard it, and shuffle your deck. Then, use the effect of the discarded card as an effect of this attack.
    [D] Overreach: 10 damage. If the Defending Pokemon’s remaining HP is less than Sableye’s remaining HP, this attack does 40 damage instead of 10.

    Weakness: none
    Resistance: Colorless (-20)
    Retreat: 1

    Snowpoint Temple – Stadium

    Each player's Unevolved Pokemon has its maximum HP increased by 20.

    A Stadium can only be put into play next to your Active Pokemon once during your turn. If a Stadium with a different name is put into play, discard this card.

    The strategy is very straight forward:

    The ideal start is Sableye, attach special dark and donk a 50 HP starter. Secondary plan is Sableye start human mimic Rosanne for Baltoy, Darkrai and Togepi. All is not lost with a Darkrai start. Darkness Roar potentially pushing his starter back to the bench isn’t too bad either. Baltoy…well.

    The next priority is Claydol with a combination of Dusk Ball, Bebe, Draw (Oak/Wager/Felicity) and Human mimic - Bebe. (Question: should we + Felicity – Oak to thin better for Togekiss?) With Claydol out ,we try to lock in Snowpoint, put 2/3 Darkai on the bench and thin for Togekiss.

    By T3 we hope for the Kiss to beat the lock. That completes the set-up with 2+ Darkrai powered-up, the starter retreated and ready to go. Typically one Darkrai will hold the Special energy and another basic. The basic is the target for the LV X. Depending on the field and the opponents he has to choose one or the other. I haven’t figured out an easy way to tell him how to decide. So he will go for the LV X if he has it and the special dark if he doesn’t.

    The goal is to keep two Darkrai powered up and attacking. If he falls behind sacrifice Togekiss to buy two turns of set-up and get Darkrai powered up. Sacrificing Togekiss, night maint NRG and kiss again if not locked.

    Major concerns: Wager against Human Mimic, Psychic Lock against Togekiss and Warp against Sleep attacks and Dusknoir

    Wager: I don’t see any defense against Wager so we will count on luck. The opponent’s Claydol is running yet so he will have to top deck it.
    Psychic Lock: all we have is speed. Without DRE we should beat GG to Lock for the first Kiss (right?)
    Warp: I was thinking about a Chatot on the down side it takes a bench spot and lowers the chances of the Sableye start. On the other hand with free retreat we will have Darkrai back active next turn. We could consider switch I guess.
    Dusknoir: Darkrai Prime+ Darkrai Backup + Sableye Starter + Togekiss + Claydol = one too many pokemon. Guess we try to sacrifice the Saybleye if we expect Dusknoir.
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