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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by kirwin3180, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. kirwin3180

    kirwin3180 New Member

    its to out tempo my oppenent, if you need to make any changes in terms of pokemon and supporters dont hessitate, i have alot in my extras
    i usually beat my friends pretty bad, but whenever blissey gets played my tempo gets distrupted and it goes downhill

    pokemon - 19

    1- azurill - DP
    1-electrike - CG
    1 - elecktrike - MT
    1- Manectric - MT
    4 - electabuzz - SW
    1 - electivire - DP
    1 - electivire - SW
    2 - magmar - MT
    2 - magmar - SW
    3 - magmortar - SW
    1 holons castform
    1 holons electrode

    Trainers (supporters) - 22
    1 - bills maintenance
    1 - professor oaks visit
    1 - scott
    2 - proffessor birch
    2 - team galactics mars
    1 - professor oaks research
    1 - mr.stones project
    3 - bebes search
    2- switch
    2-celio network
    1 - professor elms training method
    1 - castaway
    3 - roesannes research
    1- night maintenance

    energy - 18
    9 - lightning
    9 - fire

    i really apprectiace the help
  2. pokeball S

    pokeball S New Member

    his dek is slow and electrode is ilegal
  3. votalesin

    votalesin New Member

    Too many pokemon lines, WAY too many singles of Supporters. Way too many singles in general actually.

    4 - electabuzz - SW
    1 - electivire - DP
    1 - electivire - SW

    2 - magmar - MT
    2 - magmar - SW
    3 - magmortar - SW

    2 holons castform

    Pick Magmortar or Electivire, not both. Get a Lv. X of it, set your lines to 4-3-1. Holon's Electrode cycled out on Sept 1st 2007. You need a starter pokemon, Stantler, Corsola, Budew, Chingling, Mawile, Smeargle. Pick your favorite.

    Magmar, MT is the only one you need. Magmortar, Flame Body is the best one.
    Elekid from DP, Electabuzz from DF, Electivire is up to your personal preference (both have drawbacks)

    Trainers need to be run in multiples. The few exceptions are Scott, Night Maintenance and Warp Point. You can live with only 1 of each of those. But having 2 is much nicer and easier to work with if you can fit them in.

    4 Celio's, 4 Roseanne's is more than enough pokemon and energy movement. Maybe a Mentor if you got fire and run Typhlosion (Firestarter). Dump the Oak's Research and Bill's, TVR or Prof. Oak's Visit. Play Wager, even if you lose, you can use Electabuzz to draw extras. 3-4 Windstorm to make sure you get to use your powers. Keep Scott, he's useful, and he has a funny looking shirt.

    All in all, it comes down to this: Pick 1 deck, and utilize it as best you can. Right now you have the skeletons of 2 decent decks. Choose the one you want to run and focus your cards on that.

    PS If you choose Electivire, your windstorms are discard fodder once the Lv. X is out.
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