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  1. Acmeminer

    Acmeminer New Member

    What are some fun Archetypes I could build. Im just playing around with decks. Here are the decks I currently have..
    Kingdra donk
    Charizard donk
    Dialga Garchomp
    And thats it.. So if you have any suggestions you should tell me:) Thanks!
  2. EricDent

    EricDent New Member

    This is probably best to ask in the "Deck Help" area...
  3. Acmeminer

    Acmeminer New Member

    No. You have to have a list and a strategy to post on that.
  4. jumpluff82

    jumpluff82 New Member

    Machamp and Jumpluff are pretty fun. For jumpluff md-on try putting in a 2-2 Sunflora hgss. It almost fully replaces claydol. I really don't know that much about machamp, but I bet you could find a great list on or something.
  5. iDonkedYou

    iDonkedYou New Member

    Blazechomp is easy, good, and cheap.

    Gengar is a good deck.

    Jumpluff can still run without claydol.

    Donphan can be good with a decent list.

    Arceus are suppose to be good, but i havent tested them.

    Pretty much take a pokemon you like, study the card.
    then try and find something that compliments it.

    i played blastgatr DP-on because i love Blastoise.

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