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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by xRiotX, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. xRiotX

    xRiotX New Member

    So basically, I sat down tonight nad made two different decks out of my cards. I made one for attacking, and another for defensive. If it's not too much too ask, could you please help me improve these, based around their themes (attack/defense)?
    Defensive Deck
    Pokémon (15):
    Trainer: Armor fossil x 3
    Shieldon x 2
    Bastidon x 2
    Cacnea x 3
    Cacturne x 1
    Sandshrew x 2
    Sandslash x 1
    Dark Sandslash x 1
    The Basics:
    Providing the armor fossil- Bastidon evolution is complete, Bastidon can use the Pokébody: Protective wall to protect all of your benched Pokémon. Whilst protecting, he can do some pretty decent damage using the attack Anger Revenge. Cacturne is pretty much do some decent attacking. I know this isn't the theme of hte deck, but each deck still needs to attack. Sandslash has the attack Spike Armor which, if it is attacked, puts four damage counters on the opposing Pokémon, also it's other attack, Poison Spike, poisons any Pokémon that attacks it. Dark Sandslash has the Pokébody: Poison Payback, which poisons any Pokémon that attacks it. Also, swift does some decent damage and isn't affected by weaknesses/resistances/Poké-Powers/Pokébodies/you get the message.
    Trainers (17):
    Supporter: Bebe's Search x 1
    Trainer: Potion x 2
    Trainer: Energy Search x 2
    Supporter: Fossil Excavator x 2
    Supporter: Steven's Advice x 1
    Stadium: Holon Ruins x 1
    Pokémon Tool: Crystal Shard x 1
    Supporter: Celio's Network x 1
    Windstorm x 1
    Supporter: Scott x 1
    Supporter: Team Galactic's Wager x 1
    Energy Removal 2 x 1
    Trainer: Quick Ball x 1
    Supporter: Professor Birch x 1
    The Basics:
    The trainers are mainly for drawing extra cards. Whilst a lot of trainer cards depend on the flip of a card as to whether you get cards, Team Galactic's Wager gives you cards no matter what. The main drawback to the card is the opponent draws cards, but it isn't called a wager for nothing! Scott lets you draw any combination of Supporter/ Stadium cards, which there are plenty of in the deck. Windstorm also allows you to do this, except this time, it's a combination of Tools/Stadium cards.
    Energy (27):
    :metal: Energy x 9
    :grass: Energy x 5
    :fighting: Energy x 10
    Multi-Energy x 1
    Double :colorless Energy x 1
    Warp Energy x 1
    The Basics:
    I have absolutely no idea why 9 :metal: energy...Warp lets me retreat without any retreat cost. The rest is basic energy crap.
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  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    You should delete one of those decklists since you are only allowed to have only one per post according to the rules. But good job with including the strategies! :thumb:

    I saw this card in deck #1...
    Keep in mind that this card is no longer tournament legal.
  3. L00p_H01eS

    L00p_H01eS New Member

    yeah make sure u put what set the cards are from.. if u live in us.. its hp-on
  4. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    like mew* said, youre going to want to seperate these into different posts, cause ryan vergel will come lock this if you dont.

    you deffenatly dont want 25 energy in any deck.
  5. xRiotX

    xRiotX New Member

    Alright thanks, any idea's as to what cards to substitute the fire energies with? I've changed hte attacking deck off the original one and am putting it in this post. Thanks Mew*, I didn't know that card wasn't legal, is it okay to use it in games for personal enjoyment? I've nver been a big dreamer =D

    Attacking Deck
    Pokemon (20):
    Ho-Oh ex x 1
    Numel x 2
    Camerupt x 1
    Growlithe x 2
    Arcanine x 1
    Vulpix x 2
    Ninetales x 2
    Absol x 1
    Absol ex x 1
    Poochyena x 3
    Mightyena x 1
    Nidoran Male x 1
    Nidorino x 1
    Nidoking x 1
    The Basics:
    Ho-Oh ex's attack Rainbow Burn is 10+ damage and adds twenty more damage for each energy card attatched to it, and the attack itself costs three energy, that's already 90 damage. Ninetales is my favourite Pokémon, but it also has some decent attacks, aka Fire Blast, Will-O'-the-wisp and some decent Poké-Bodies/Poké-Powers (I'm using two different types of Ninetales). The others are just to do damage really. *shrugs* I think the main drawback to this section is the fact that there are two Pokémon ex.
    Trainers (15)
    Supporter: Bebe's Search x 2
    Supporter: Professor Birch x 1
    Switch x 1
    Supporter: Mary's Request x 1
    Supporter: Professor Elm's Training Method x 1
    Potion x 3
    Stadium: Sidney's Stadium x 2
    Trainer: Energy Search x 2
    Supporter: Professor Cosmo's Discovery x 2
    Energy (25)
    :dark: x 5
    :fire: x 20

    I'm sorry if that was a little long. But advice would be appreciated.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    I didn't really like hte attacking deck, but I thought I did quite well with the defense one, as ide from the trainers; I've never really took much notice of which Trainer cards I pick, I just look at hte ones that let you draw extra's xD
    I also didn't much like the Nidoran-Nidoking evolution list because I don't have more than one Male Nidoran. Also, there are a huge range of sets the cards have been chosen from since I've been collecting since Jungle and all the original decks. Jeez, what I'd give for a deck of Jungle cards now xD I miss those cards like crazy!
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  6. vorg7

    vorg7 New Member

    You should only use 12-18 energy
  7. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Oh yes, there really aren't any restrictions when you are playing simply for fun! :thumb: And another card I see that has rotated is Ho-Oh ex. Don't try to play that at a tournament, but is is fine for League play!
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