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  1. fluteboy09

    fluteboy09 New Member

    This is one of the many ideas I have been getting for Battleroads after looking at the cards in LA.

    DP-LA Format


    x3 Deoxys (normal)
    x3 Deoxys (attack)
    x3 Deoxys (speed)
    x3 Deoxys (defense)
    x2 Baltoy
    x2 Claydol


    x3 Roseanne's Research
    x3 Bebe's Network
    x2 Cynthia's Feelings
    x4 Buck's Training
    x3 Team Galactic's Wager
    x2 Night Maintinence
    x4 Pluspower
    x3 Warp Point
    x4 SnowPoint Temple


    x14 :psychic:
    x2 Call Energy

    Strategy: Get Deoxys powered, and then adapt to what the situation is. Use form change to get the right Deoxys form for the current state on the field. Claydol is for hand refreshing.

    Some add-ins I have been thinking of:

    Starmie: combined with Deoxys (speed), no Claydol is safe. Star Boomerang+4 Plus Powers is also pretty cool. Also gives an alternate attack option against Mewtwo Lv. X

    Frosslass: Another thing to help against Mewtwo Lv. X. The spread from the attack helps the Deoxys KO things.

    Bubble Coat: Protects against :psychic: weakness of the Deoxys, x2 hurts >.>

    I haven't actually tested this deck yet still in the process of building this list. But I was wondering if there was any suggestions that could help me out on this list.
  2. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    You should only need 2 of each if you want to build around it. That'll give you more room for other techs. Starmie looks like it'll be pretty good, but since their energy costs aren't too type-specific you could look to other types for techs. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I'll let you know if I do.
  3. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    Personally, I would say use four normal form, three to four speed form, two attack form, and one to two defense form.
  4. Typhlosion King

    Typhlosion King New Member

    I would play pixies here, gives you amazing flexability.

    2 la mespirit (the one that shuts off powers)
    1-1 azelf (to shut off psy weakness and to snipe big against energy hogs)

    The other ones aren't needed.
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