Destiny 4peats itself

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    Hey this is ~`Flygon`~ bringing another battle roads report so lets get started.

    Peter Griffin Masters Division Deck Type-Destiny


    This I thought was gonna murder me since it needs no setup.Instead he dosent have much energy and nothing much of a threat instead of a Shiftry PK but he got beasted by eggs and it was downhill from there for him,he was a nice guy tho and just got a rough start.

    Game2-(Starter Deck)

    She was a nice girl and she made the finals with her deck and I was pulling for her.Absol and Mew was just beasting and you can call that game,I got paired down we just played different divisions.

    Game3-Jenny A(jynx)

    I misplayed so I ws pushing away the wrong cards and she just finshed me off with Jynx so it was over.I dont even wanna talk about it:frown:

    Game 4-Extincition

    The hardest matchup all day,I was hitting with ray,then started to play around and let armaldo get to big and e got two out and arbok saved me and absol saved me too.Ray is a beast and I love that young man.

    2nd Seed 3-1

    Game5 Flaraidos(Vic Pruett)

    OK lets say he got donked!!!I went first and got mew ex for a start and he had mew *,he got nothing and I got latios out had mew powered up and a strentgh charm.T3 son:thumb:

    Game 6 Flaraidos(Vic Pruett)

    OK this game took forever,I got the setup but ekns was just taking damage and mew and jirachi got knocked out so ray was my last chance,he got burned and confused with nothing else powered up so I took a chance used absol to move to eevee,had 90 on ray,had to roll for confused,got the heads and it was game.Im a beast at dice rolls.

    Game7 Jynx(Jenny A)

    OK Ray Ray start,I just snipe everything,both stay out nearly the whole game and it was over by taking 6 pokes.

    Game 8 Jynx(Jenny A)

    OK she still didnt get nothing but I got the setup somewhat helped,mew and other stuff was just getting knocked out by strength charm,she had no pokes left after mew so it was game,Battle Roads 4 peat.


    Zach Cook and NIck F(we barely made it but we got anoter BR under the belt)
    Jenny A(She drove us and is so nice for buying us food,YOUR SO GANGSTA.)
    Zach Fisher and Jimmy B(this deck is so BROKEN,why did u leak this to the public)
    Craig A(your so funny!!)


    Wes P(for bcking out at the last minute we almost didnt make it so Im upset with you.)

    Warner Robins Saturday so I can go for a 5peat or just stop playing.Ill let yall decide.
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    lol gj
    i see richard got some of you GA guys playin extinction

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