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Discussion in 'Trading Figure Game' started by sdp, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. sdp

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    The game took so long to be released here that D/P came out and none of the figures from the first set have D/P pokemon, however it seems they are adding some "promo" figures which are probably all D/P Pokemon. Hopefully the Referee is included in those Promos.

    I've only found the two starter sets in my local game/card shop but the boosters seem to work, anyone have prices?

    The first kind shows the figure perfectly, that is one of the games biggest selling points.
    The second one adds a "secret" figure, Its been discussed that this will add some "rarity" to some figures.
    The third and final way is with a Promo card which seems to be D/P Pokemon.

    I've seen the game heavily advertised on TV with two different commercials.

    I wonder why we didn't get the Battle Starter:

    Which is basically the two 1 player starters with a bonus referee figure, 2 more trainer cards and a cloth playmat.
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  2. Heatherdu

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    All the single boosters that I have seen this weekend were US$3.99. The starters were US$17.99.

    I want the cloth playmat! The paper one just is not going to last and, unlike the TCG, it is necessary.
  3. Archaic

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    FYI, the battle starter released a month or two after the game was initially released here in Australia, so you might get the same staggered release over there.
  4. Gym Leader Blaine

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    I don't know if we will get the Battle Starter like international did. Right now I think we get the promo DP figures instead.

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