Diamond Bar, CA City Championship Results!

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Warbuzz, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. Warbuzz

    Warbuzz New Member

    Thank you to everyone who participated and especially those who were generous enough to assist me in making this event run smoothly.

    A special thanks for helping to:


    I have only listed the top 8 of each catagory, this weekend i will try to list all standings for those who wish to see where they ended up. I will get the tournament submitted this weekend as well.

    Top 8 Final Results

    1. Paul Andrade
    2. Chung Ly
    3. Marshall Cary
    4. Paul Justiniano
    5. George Garcia
    6. Sheng YungYou
    7. Andrew Smith
    8. Scott Nguyen


    1. Kevin Tran
    2. Steven Bayes
    3. Ashley Weiler
    4. Nick Cunningham
    5. Kevin Nguyen
    6. Ian Scott
    7. Tony Candelaria
    8. Anthony Soto

    10 and Under

    1. Tad Wheeler
    2. Ty Wheeler
    3. Adrien Candelaria
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  2. lookinforwailordex

    lookinforwailordex New Member

    thank you for holding the tourny i was so happy im came in 2nd

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