Discarded Flames (E-on)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by SwampertEX, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    3 Charmander (Dragons)
    3 Charmeleon (Dragons)
    3 Charizard (Dragons)
    3 Skitty (Lullaby)
    3 Delcatty (Holo)
    3 Dunsparce

    4 Switch
    3 Oran Berry
    3 Juggler
    3 Moo-Moo Milk
    2 TV
    3 Oak's Research
    3 Memory Berry
    3 Balloon Berry

    14 Fire Energy
    4 Boost

    This is what the Charmander line does:
    Charmander 50hp
    (R) Flare 10
    (C)(C)Rage 10+
    Does 10 damage plus 10 more for eachdamage counter on chamrmander
    Weakness: Water
    Resistance: none
    Retreat Cost: (C)

    Charmeleon 70 hp
    (R) Smokescreen 10
    If the defending pokemon tries to attack, flip a coin, if tails it does nothing.

    (R)(C) Fireworks 40
    Flip a coin, if tails discard a (R) energy attached to charmeleon

    Weakness: Water
    Resistance: none
    Retreat Cost: (C)

    Charizard 120 hp
    Weakness: Water
    Resistance: none
    Retreat Cost: (C)
    (R)(C) Collect Fire
    flip a coin, if heads search your discard pile for 2 (R) energies and attach them to Charizard 30

    (R)(C)(C)(C)Flame Pillar 60
    You may discard a (R) energy attached to charizard. if you do, choose 1 of your oppenents benched Pokemon and do 30 damage to that Pokemon.
    Weakness: water
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: (C)(C)
    What do ya think!?! IMO this is the new Chicken/Kitty!!!
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2003
  2. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Yeah, but I still like the fact that they included Charizard, with an awsome attack to boot!
  3. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    Memory berry would be useful in your deck so that you can take the full advantage of rage.
  4. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Good luck collecting 9 Ultra rares. At my league, they came one in every box.
  5. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    There're always charmanders and charmeleons from expedition.
  6. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    But they fail to compare to the better ultra rare ones.
  7. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    I don't really think so. Exp charmander can burn and charmeleon has 10 more hp than the rare one.
  8. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    I think so. The Holo Charmeleon does 10 less damage but has a 50/50 chance of discarding a energy. And it's first attack does 10 and puts a baby power on it. The Expedition takes 2 colorless to flip 2 coins each doing 20 damage.

    The charmander is needed for memory berry to maximize the rage technique.
  9. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Anyways... The Delcatty can take care of the dragons and I added Memory Berry for Rage. What do ya think now!?!
  10. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Lord knows I hate to be pushy, but yet again, Swampert, 18+18+22= 58. The standard pokemon deck contains 60 cards. You need to add two cards to make this, and the other decks you've posted, legal. See my other two posts in your Gyarados/Swampert deck and your Roselia/Sceptile deck. That's three straight decks you've posted which contain less than the legal number of pokemon cards. Did you do this intentionally, seeing if we'd catch it over all three decks? If so, do I win a prize?
  11. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    I don't think Delcatty can handle the dragons. In a standard 1 on 1 battle, you would need 5 energies on delecatty to deal 100 damage to the typical dragons. Thats a waste IMO. Go with whoever said to use Crystal Shard, that on Charizard will work much better. Also I don't think Charizard can replace Blaziken. One is a flippy attack and the other is a guaranteed power. Big difference.
  12. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    -3 balloon berry
    +3 copycat

    If you take the advise from other people...
    -3 delcatty
    +2 crystal shard
    +1 electabuzz SS (swampert and other electric-weak pokemon)
    +1 electabuzz SS/+1 wynaut
    +1 wobbuffet (against pokemon-ex)

    -1 boost
    -2 fire
    +4 multi energy (for electabuzz and wobbuffet)

    -1 TV
    +1 charmander
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