Disruptive Cards like Weavile and Jirachi

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  1. peadawg14

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    I'm looking to build kind of a disruptive/annoying deck (I always like a lot of status conditions when playing the DS games). I like Crobat Prime a lot, Jirachi, Weavile...stuff like that. I'm fairly new to the game so I was hoping some of the people here that have played for a while could help me out. I'll definitely include some judges.
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  2. untitled

    untitled New Member

    Magnezone works very well with Judge; one sided disruption. Slowking/Weavile lock is fairly good. Jirachi works well with Vileplume (another great disruptive card) and also works well as a sweeper in Kingdra/Yanmega. The most successful disruptive deck so far is Vileplume/Yanmega/Mew/Muk and Jumpluff. You use Mew to LZ Muk then Yanmega to snipe the bench. Jumpluff is a late-game sweeper. You can tech Jirachi and Crobat into this if you want. Yanmega decks tend to run Judge.
  3. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    The other big disruption deck that is really popular right now is Ambipom TM/Weavile UD.

    This weekend I (finally) started testing a Persian HGSS/Weavile deck. As of right now (and it is still in the works), I'm running a 4-4 Persian, 3-3 Weavile, 2-2 Zoroark, and a 1-1 Slowking. And, in my limited testing in the few decks I have laying around the house, its actually pretty good. I'm 4-1 against a pretty solid ZPS list, only losing to a Pachi donk, and I'm 3-2 against my Reshiboar, which I'm not too confident in the build, but I think its more that it doesn't go well with my style. Either way, it's been pretty solid thus far, better than I would have imagined. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to help with disruption and consistency, so it may get a bit better.
  4. Tash

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    Slowking is an absolute must if you play hand destruction, since it can prevent your opponent from getting anything useful once their hand is gone.
  5. untitled

    untitled New Member

    ^Well Ambipom shuffles with its attack so Slowking doesn't work great in there but yeah it's still good in that and should be used.
  6. Barkjon

    Barkjon Active Member

    I play Weavile/Ambipom/Cinno. Works quite well, and hits hard.

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