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    Team Ditt-O-Lando posts here. Gathering Place Games League posters welcomed. Please do not post unless you attend this league. All players be sure to check out the new news on this thread.
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    Tourney Time Once again for Team Ditt-O-Lando

    Okay Team Ditt-O-Lando, tourneys this weekend to get ready for Regionals! Come prepared to battle and have lots of fun! Free entry ... as usual! This weekend there wil be some special prizes for our winners.... special tourney winner pins, badges, promo cards and maybe even some pokemon collectibles.

    Before I forget, congrats to Ivan of Team Ditt-O-Lando for taking third place, a trophy, lots of packs and a $500 scholarship at the NorthCarolina Regional Championship!!

    Go Rizzo!!

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