Do PUI visit the Boards at all?

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by ukpokemonpro, Oct 2, 2003.

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  1. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    Just wondered if PUI have an official presence here anymore?

    And is anyone else missing DMTMs posts?

    Certainly nothing like that from Dave and Jimmer......
  2. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    yes we could do with a modest proposal to puzzle over.

    Not that I ever figured any of them out..but it was fun trying. Come on PUI chuck us a bone!
  3. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 New Member

    On the subject of the post, you can check how frequently people visit the boards by looking at the last visit column on the member list.

    As for missing the old MTs, I'd have to say (sorry in advance) not really. The old MTs, nice people that they were, always struck me as detached and aloof. Jimmer isn't really like that-at least not yet.

    (dodges flames)
  4. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Also it took time for WotC's MTs to develop on-line personalities.

    Even so, no one will replace DMTM.
  5. )v(ajin_ipg21

    )v(ajin_ipg21 New Member


    THE MT's WERE the BEST!!!

    NO one could ever replace them.

    I think we are in good hands. Jimmer is cool (and can see the game as PUI, a player, collector, and the GUY has a Gameboy...)

    Well rounded if you ask me!!!
  6. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    What is there to modestly propose? What the new MF would be could have been a nice topic but that's already been announced.

    Nahhhhhh that's just how everyone is when dealing with you. ;)
  7. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    My sentiments exactly!The MT`s ruled and the Modest Proposals were a blast to read and try and figure out!

  8. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    mmmmmmmm glad you see him that way.....

    As for me I couldn't possibly comment..
  9. Tego

    Tego New Member

    The Modest Proposals were great! I remember sitting and speculating over the one were Sneasel went to Norway for ages.
  10. mtjimmer

    mtjimmer Master Trainer, Emeritus

    Honestly, I'm just super busy.

    Things I can talk about:
    Tournament software upgrades - we allowed the use of beta tournament software to premier TOs for the Sandstorm prerelease, and I've been testing the final candidate.
    International OP - oh wait. I can't talk about it, yet. Well, hopefully there's a big announcement for it in the next several weeks.
    Approving the hordes of TO applications.
    Improving the tournament portion of the website, as well as streamlining admin tools. (Not very exciting for all of you, but it would give me more time to chat.)
    Working on GenCon SoCal events.
    Helping out a little with Pokemon Rocks TCG stuff.

    I'd be more personable, but it takes time. And while I'm willing to to talk about who I am, it's really not as important as what I'm trying to get accomplished for the community. I suppose it's okay that I'm busy on that score...right?
  11. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Thanks for the updates mtjimmer. We know you're busy and we appreciate everything you're doing. OP is really starting to look good! Also, a daily 3-10 liner message on these boards would be great, if you can spare the time. Even a "no-news" today would be adequate (as long as it doesn't go on for a month like it sometimes did for various topics with WOTC).

    Also, regarding the Modest Proposals from DMTM, sorry to say, but they didn't interest me much. I'm a "meat and potatos" guy. Feed me the REAL stuff, not the cryptic "maple bar" stuff. :)
  12. TheGame

    TheGame New Member

    Several weeks for international OP? :( Oh well I guess we'll have to be patient for a while. I'm sure it will be worthwhile when it gets here!
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