Does "Do as much as you can" apply to Pokemon attacks.

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    From the compendium:
    - "If an attack has an *optional* effect triggered by a discard, a Pokémon copying that attack must be able to do that discard in order to get the additional effect; if they cannot perform the optional discard, it still gets the base effect and damage. (Mar 15, 2007 PUI Rules Team)""

    Do I have to do the entire discard to get the optional effect, or just some part of it (i.e. do as much as you can).

    It seems like this is just like the new Mars card, where as long as I can discard at least one card, I still trigger the "If you do" optional statement. If not, what makes the "do as much as you can" apply to Mars and not Pokemon attacks? Also (and I know this is a second questions), the same ruling would apply to Sophocles correct? I don't see that anyplace right now.

    From "Compendium Updates for February 8th, 2018":
    Q. If I use Mars with only 1 card left in my deck, can I still discard a random card from my opponent's hand?
    A. Yes, as long as you can draw at least 1 card you get the other effect. Of course if you can't draw any cards, you can't play Mars. (Ultra Prism FAQ; Feb 1, 2018 TPCi Rules Team)
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    You would need to ask a question about a specific attack.
    I would not assume that this ruling also applies to Sophocles, either. Discarding and drawing are not the same thing.

    Discarding is usually viewed as a cost to be paid (which must be paid in full), while drawing is seen as a separate effect.

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