Does Giratina block attacks from Mega even while using Shrine of Memories?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Steve Lewis, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis New Member

    As the Title asks..... When Shrine of Memories is used, does the attack come from the "top" Pokemon or does it come from the Pokemon doing the attack itself?

    If comes from the "top" Pokemon and that Pokemon is a Mega, then the attack is blocked by Giratina's Renegade Pulse ability.

    But if the attack comes from the "tier" of Pokemon doing the attack, then the attack would be permitted (i.e. as a way for a Mega to cancel the Renegade Pulse ability by using a non-Mega attack)

    Recall "AZ" (Supporter Trainer) had wording to the effect of picking up "your Pokemon" which meant all of the Basic and anything "above it" (Stage 1/2, Evolutions, Mega, etc). So I tend to agree that Shrine of Memories does actually still prevents Mega from using prior attacks via Shrine of Memories, but how would a judge rule on this at tournaments?

    What's the official ruling on this?

  2. BJJ763

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    The Attacking Pokemon is what is "on top" so using Shrine of Memories is still the "on top" Pokemon doing the Attacking. Renegade Pulse would prevent Damage and Attack Effects from a Mega using Shrine of Memories.
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    BJJ763 gives the right answer, but if you want "the official ruling" then the place to ask is in the Ask the Rules Team forum.
    Those are official rulings.
    But, as I noted, we'll give you the exact same answer that you just got here.
  4. Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis New Member

    Thanks for both clarifications! It's unfortunate, but such is the wording. And it makes sense under the premise of "it is a memory being recalled", not a morphing or time travel or re-enactment.

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