Donphan Again (little different)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by shamu549, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. shamu549

    shamu549 New Member

    4-4 Donphan
    2-1 Luxray GL X
    2 Crobat G
    2-1 Uxie
    1 Azelf
    1 Uknown Q
    2-2 Manetric

    T/S/S: 26

    4 BTS
    4 Poketurn
    3 Cyrus Conspiracy
    3 Pokemon Collecter
    2 Warp Point
    2 Energy Gain
    2 Bebes Search
    2 Pont
    2 Judge
    1 Switch
    1 Palmers Contribution

    Energy: 12
    2 Call
    7 Fighting
    3 Electric

    Strat: truk with Donphan and uxie for draw matetric protects bench
  2. King of Japan

    King of Japan New Member

    Dont run call if you are only gonna run 2. It should be a minimum of 3 preferably 4. Also one thing i have wondered about is the addition of a 1-1 Blaze Fb line with a couple fire energy. It would help with dgx who shuts off your donphans body and it can drag up a vileplume in the vilegar match. also PONT is really good and I don't feel that 4 BTS are necessary since this is a stage 1 deck. Most sps don't run stadiums except dialgachomp, and the stage 1 and 2 decks that do run BTS so it wouldn't matter. You really need expert belt. I would do something like this

    -1 fighting energy -1 electric energy - 2 Judge -1switch -1 Crobat g -1 BTS -1 Poke turn(you can only search for 3 anyway) -1 collector (two plus 4 call should be enough)
    +2 Call energy +1-1 blaziken fb +2 Fire energy +1 PONT +2 expert belt.
  3. shamu549

    shamu549 New Member

    yes but i can drag up dgx with luxray and i will always have 2 lux down so if i get bodies down then i will drag up the Dialga and if there is a powerspray i will turn the Lux X and bring up the othr luxray GL and level it up and bright look the Dialga and with an E belt and a crobat 120 bam
  4. King of Japan

    King of Japan New Member

    That 120 is assuming he doesn't have any special metal. If he has 1 special metal or an expert belt than that wont work. Blaze fb is disruptive with luring flame and auto kills dgx with 4 sp. metal or 2. sp metal and a belt.
  5. shamu549

    shamu549 New Member

    ok well im not lettin DIALGA g x get out ill hit for 110 every turn
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