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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Spinner, Jan 19, 2005.

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    I am running a number of tournaments at Dreamation in East Brunswick, New Jersey on Jan. 27-30. The convention has me scheduled for 5, Pokemon USA sanctioned 3 (I asked for 4 from both ;) ) The time slots are posted at www.dexposure.com (Fri & Sat) There are full memeberships and 1 day passes, ALL events are free with membership.
    If people show, I will run. I have POP packs and pins for prizes, plus the con supplies additional prizes. The slots at the convention are somewhat malleable, so if people show after an event was to have taken place, it can still be run , we have the space. I want to give away these prizes, please come!

    Thanks! I hope to see you there!
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    Sounds like Fun!! I will be there!!!

    I think on the Pui site they have you down for 5 tourneys... to sanction... 3 Modified, 1 Booster Draft, and AN Unlimited....
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