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  1. TheNix

    TheNix New Member

    I don't see it's complete usefulness i think so I'm gonna ask for help. I believe that if your opponents bench is full it can shuffle a pokemon and all cards attached into their deck. So if your opponent doesn't fill his bench then it's not as useful right, and even if you have more than one dusknoir out it can only send 1 back right? I know there is something I'm missing though.
  2. Sandslash7

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    Dusknoirs ability states that if the opponent has 4 or more Benched Pokemon, you may return 1.

    The major point is, the opponent must keep his bench at 3, otherwise you will remove the major attackers, leaving only basics left.

    If they try to build another attacker, and go over 3 Benched pokemon, you wreak havoc on their already build Stage 2s and Claydols.

    Its a very good card.
  3. GKOTM

    GKOTM Member

    Part of it may be the surprise factor. If you fill your bench thinking your opponent isn't playing Dusknoir, when in reality they do, they can just play the Duskull-Candy-Dusknoir out of nowhere and take away your backup hitter or Claydol, and then KO whatever you have active. When this happens, you've just lost 2 guys in a single turn. GG/Plox takes it to a whole new level because they can also power lock you.

    You're also left with a smaller bench with something on your bench that's potentially useless at that moment, which means a wasted bench spot. The threat of having something taken away by Dusknoir may also keep you at that smaller bench size while your opponent keeps on churning out pokes.
  4. TheNix

    TheNix New Member

    ok I thought the text was "more than 4", not "4 or more" thanks.
  5. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    You can use warp point abd shuffle your opponent's main attacker and then you can kill him another pokemon with your attacker.

    Also if you play dusknoir you will force your opponent to play with 3 benched pokemon and that may hurt him.
  6. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Not only that, but it has a very good late game attack. I have honestly won many a game with Dusknoir.
  7. PokemansForGeeks

    PokemansForGeeks New Member

    I loooove Dusknoir, however it's going to lose effectiveness next format when we lose Scramble and DRE. However, its power is so good late game when your opponent has a powered (insert main attacker here) and you can shuffle it back in your deck. After that it's just a bench-waster though. I still see some people tech'ing it in their decks just for the power.

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