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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by jonnj, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. jonnj

    jonnj New Member

    So this is my second tournement for this season. I decided to go for Dusk Queen.:psychic::dark:

    Place: Asker
    Country: Norway
    Date 27.10.07

    I came about 11.00 and I have to wait a hour before it began.
    Masters: 6 T2
    Senior: 12 T4
    Junior: 4

    22 people is many in Norway. I am senior.

    Round 1 VS. Thomas ( Shinx)

    I start with Duskull and he with Shinx. He get the evolving to Shinx ( dont reamember name) in T2
    I get my Duclops on T4 so i won i didint have any other basic.

    Round 2 VS.Magnus(Chimcar)

    I start with Nidoran and won on T5-T6 dont reamember much.

    Round 3 VS. Tord (Kingdra Swarm)

    Tord is ranked #1 in norway senior. Do I win this I am in T4.

    I start with Chingling he with Pinsir. I get mentor with I.BELL. Next round I use Mentor and get Chimenco,Duskull and Nidoran.
    I get 2 prize but he was to much for me.

    Round 4 VS. Oscar (ElectraGon)
    I have to win to get in T4. Oscar is my best pokemon friend. So we wich each other good luck and we start I with Nidoran and he with Electabuzz(bad start for him). I get schuffled 2 Electrive in his deck with Dusknoir and I have contrrol over the game but he is deffently a good player. He had BADLUCK this time. So i won.

    Yes I am in T4.
    1. Philip (Inferncatty)----4-0
    2. Tord (Kingdra Swarm)--3-1
    3. David (Flygon d/EX)----3-1
    4 Me(DuskQueen)---------3-1

    So me up against Philip

    TOPP 4
    Round 1VS. Philip

    I dont reameber much but I won on T3 with NidoQueen.

    Round 2VS. Philip

    Dont reamember much here either but I won after a long game with Nidoqueen d and boost.

    YES. My second finale for this season
    Tord won up aganist David.

    TOPP 2

    Round 1VS. Tord

    I get my setup up in T5. I could he won in the end. He have Altaria ex active witch sirrow damange. And 2 Kingdra ex and 1 Pinsir on the bench. He had 2 Prize and I have 2 Again. He killed my Dusknoir and on my bench I have Mihgtina ex Nidoqueen d and Dusknoir and Nidoqueen with 3 Energy. So I send out my Nidoqueen DP2 and I have a Strenth Charm on my hand Then I say that I won but he said no I didint have more bench than him. MISTAKE and I have Nidoran on my hand. Some rounds later I killed his Pinsir but he won. The game had take 40 minutes. I have to win next round.

    Round 2 VS. Tord

    i schuffled fast and I have to get a nice start. So i get it and i WON on T3. I was so happy and now I am going to win.

    Round 3 VS. TOrd

    I get a middle start and he get a KIngdra ex T2 on his bench. It was just three minutes left, so the guy who had picked most prizes wo the game. He get ywo prize and i got 1 So he won. I thank him for the match. I get a

    I get a Empeleon in my booster and a Rowan.
    I was happy about the result.

    But I am going to win next tournement.
  2. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    GJ to bad on that missplay...
  3. cloud9

    cloud9 New Member

    Good job Jon, you have really improved a lot since you guys first arrived at my league. Keep up the good work ;)

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