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    Each version below has various positive and negative quirks. Use whichever is most appealing to you!
    • Original 2007-2008 PDF from Pokemon site is here. This is a read-only version. Print it out and hand write your information.
    • Word conversion is here. This version is just a set of tables placed over the PDF version so you can type "on top of" the form. You can save your edited list to disk and do whatever else with it you can do with a normal MS Word document. To change the Age division selection, click and drag the black box from "Junior division" to place it wherever you want it. Does not provide card counts automatically.
    • An editable PDF version can be found on this page (direct download link). Thanks to CameraMan for providing this. It's a cleaner version, IMO, but does not allow you to save to disk unless you own a full Acrobat license, which few people do. Since I want to keep an archive of all the decks my son plays at each tournament, I personally use the Word version. This version does, however, provide convenient card counts at the bottom of each section.

    Thomas Dorris
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    This thing is cool!

  3. Jason

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    Thank you kind sir, I will use it for my two upcomining cities here in Australia :)
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    Thanks! This should be stickied.


  6. twdorris

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    Sweet! Happy New Year down there, BTW. Still waiting here...

    Thomas Dorris


    Come on mods sticky this :thumb:
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    *is going to use*
  9. Metal Master

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    Wow, now this is handy. If only we could get everyone who plays to use this instead so there's no question about what they wrote down...:tongue:

    Thanks a lot, I'll use this.
  10. twdorris

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    Nice. I'm glad to see so many people getting use out of it. Enjoy. If you can think of anything else that would be nicer with it, let me know.

    Thomas Dorris
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    Dude! I am so using this!!!

    Thanks a bunch!
  12. deckmaster

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    I always wanted to use thisbut could not find the link,thanks my friend.
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    Love this :)
  14. fchangus2

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    This is AWESOME - you ROCK!
  15. chriscobi634

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    thanks very cool. But I don't have word.:frown: Is there anywhere were I could get it for cheap. My computer is mostly for video games that's why i don't have it.
  16. twdorris

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    Word isn't really cheap at $50-$100 if you wanted to actually buy it. I could try converting the Word doc to something else if you had some other word processor like WordPerfect. But so far my attempts at converting to something generic like RTF using Word were not successful.

    I wonder why Pokemon USA doesn't just release an editable version of the deck list? I bet it's done up in Word or something similar to begin with anyway. The document I posted here is a half hour-hack to get a table laid on top of a graphical rendition of the original PDF. Not exactly pretty, but functional I guess. I would be better if we could just get the original editable version from Pokemon. Or, if someone has one of those fancy PDF to Word converters, maybe they could give that a try too.

    Thomas Dorris
  17. CameraMan

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    One of my parents edited the PDF to allow it to be filled out, and it even counts the cards. If you have Adobe, you can also save it.

  18. twdorris

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    Sweet. I knew someone else had to have done this before. I do want to save the list, though, and I do not own a full Adobe package (few people do I fear). But maybe we will have better luck converting this editable PDF version to a Word version. I'll give it a shot later.

    Do you mind if I post that file in with my original and edit the first post to link directly to it?

    Thomas Dorris
  19. CameraMan

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    Help yourself
  20. twdorris

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    Thanks. The post has been updated.

    Thomas Dorris

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