Eevee-lution deck.

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Epyon, Feb 15, 2004.

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  1. Epyon

    Epyon New Member

    Hello people. I'd like anyone to look at this deck that I made. I'd like to hear your thoughts and any ideas on how to improve this deck (not that I think it needs it). I would very much like to hear what you think of.


    2x Jolteon (EX-Sandstorm)
    2x Umbreon (EX-Sandstorm)
    2x Vaporeon (EX-Sandstorm)
    2x Espeon (EX-Sandstorm)
    2x Flareon (EX-Sandstorm)
    4x Eevee (EX-Sandstorm)
    2x Kecleon (EX-Sandstorm)
    1x Illumise (EX-Sandstorm)
    1x Volbeat (EX-Sandstorm)
    1x Dunsparce (EX-Sandstorm)


    2x Pokemon Fan Club (E-Aquapolis)
    2x Town Volunteers (E-Aquapolis)
    3x Lady Outing (EX-R&S)
    2x Relic Hunter (E-Skyridge)
    2x Fisherman (E-Skyridge)
    2x Healing Berry (E-Aquapolis)
    2x Moo-Moo Milk (E-Exedition)
    1x Mystery Zone(Stadium(E-Skyridge))
    1x Low Pressure System (Stadium(EX-Dragon))
    1x High Pressure Zone (Stadium(EX-Dragon))
    3x Switch (EX-R&S)


    3x Fire Energy
    3x Psychic Energy
    3x Grass Energy
    3x Electric Energy
    3x Water Energy
    1x Fighting Energy
    4x Multi Energy

    This is the most fun I've had a trying to make a deck. If you want more info on cards, then don't hesitate to ask. Thankyou.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2004
  2. EeveeTrainer

    EeveeTrainer New Member

    I tried a deck very similar to this a bit's um...unstable really since you need at least 1 specific energy type for each of the pokemon up there. Granted it can work....but I'm really not sure just how to tech it with out totally redoing it. Other than that you should probably mix in 4 Rainbow and some Darkness but that;s just a thought.
  3. GodTrainer

    GodTrainer Member

    take out 1 fighting NRG, 1 TownV, one mysteryZone, 1 volbeat, 1 Illumise, 2 healing berry, 2 moomoo milk, 2 fanclub, 2 relic humter, 1 LP stadium (will only help jolteon

    add in 3 dunsparce, 1 lady outing, 4 proffesor oaks research, 3 dark NRG, 3 britneys compassion

    there, better draw, better healing, better seaching....make sure your Eevee is the ss one, so you can nab like 3 eeveelutions. Start with dunspace if you can, search out like 3 eevee, then send up eevee, and get all your evos out. Should be fun to play :D :D
  4. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Why in the world is a fighting energy in there!
  5. GodTrainer

    GodTrainer Member

    my guess is for the kleckleon, to cover all possablilitys, but i dont think it is needed. id drop it for the darkness NRG, or you could keep it and just use lady outing when needed
  6. Epyon

    Epyon New Member

    With the rainbow energy, I can see your point but I was didn't want to use them cause it would not have helped Kecleon if I had put one of them on him, so I avoided using them so as to not weight my deck down with too much energy. It sort of went the same way with the darkness energy.
    But I do thank you for your imput.

    With the Fighting energy, I had that in there for Kecleon (if it wasn't so obvious). It just gave me the option to be super effective against pretty much anything.
    With Volbeat/Illumise, I was only seeing how well they would work in the deck. It didn't do too bad but I guess they could come out for another 2 Dunsparce, maybe 3. Especially if I want to try and focus on the Eevee evolutions.
    With the Low Pressure System, it actually effected more than you think. It did help with Volbeat/Illumise, and I do believe that it also helped Kecleon when he had the correct energy.
    With taking out Mystery Zone. I'm not so sure. That actually has helped a few times. It just gives me another way of getting out the energy I need, just in case I don't have a Lady Outing. Using that in conjuction with Eevee's first attack, I can then get it back anyway or vice versa.
    With the Professor Oak's Research, I don't think they would be as useful as thye could be. See they way I wanted this deck was, if I could get the cards I needed when I needed/wanted them, then I wouldn't need to draw extra cards.

    I thank you all for your imput. The few modifications I'll be trying are as follows:-
    Putting 3 Dunsparce in instead of Volbeat/Illumise and 1 Healing Berry,
    Adding one more lady outing for Town Volunteer,
    adding 3 Mr.Briney's Compassion for 2 Moo-Moo Milks and 1 Healing Berry,
    and I try replacing one Multi Energy and 2 Grass Energy with 3 Darkness Energy.

    And thankyou again for your input. I will try these mods and get back to you on how successful they are.
  7. regice froze you

    regice froze you New Member

    take out the jolteons,flareons,and vaponeons for their conterparts in skyrigde
  8. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Ok, here is a clue to Eeveelutions deck... tech for your gaming area.... If you see alot of Fire, Vapor is good, Water, use Jolt, ect.... that being said...

    If the area you play in sees little of one of these weakness, drop it entirely, or at least to one. Doubtfull anyone plays much Ghost, so Umbry would likely be a prime suspect, but if Gardi is big, 2 is prolly ok. But if it was here, I would do...

    1/2 Espy
    1/2 Umb
    2 Vapor
    1 Jolt
    1 Flare

    Now instead of 10 eevo's to 4 Pokemon, I have 6, freeing 4 cards. Normally I wouldnt recomend Rare candy or Wally's training in a deck for a mere stage 1 eevo, but I make an exception here. Adding Retro Energy or the Stadium that lets you flip to unevolve (Under sea Ruins I think) with Rare Candy can keep your opponent on there toes. You revert to Eevee, then eevolve to your new eevo in the same turn. Sounds like sweetness to me. Imagine stalling with UMbreon against Gardi, then heal if needed, de-eevolve, then drop a Espy.... the Gardi deck would be taken by suprise.....

    So here goes a deck revision....

    18 Pokes
    4 Eevee SS
    1 Jolt (prolly SS)
    1 Espy (SS)
    1 Flareon (prolly SS)
    1 Umbreon (toughy, personal choice)
    2 Vaporeon (SS)
    2 Solrock
    2 Lunatone
    2 Sparce
    2 Wobbuffett

    25 Trainers
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Lure Ball (get Eeveelutions back)
    4 Oak/Shaman
    2 Copycat
    3 TV Reporter/Bills Mantenience
    1 Town Vulonteer
    1 Fisherman
    2 Undersea Ruins(?)
    1 Mystery Zone (works great with Eevee's attack)
    4 Moo-Moo/Potion/Briney (prolly Briney for the best results)
    2 Lady Outing

    17 Energy
    4 Mutli
    2 Water
    2 Fighting
    3 Psy
    2 Fire
    2 Lightning
    2 Retro

    Maybe something like that.......
  9. Epyon

    Epyon New Member

    With the edits, I found out that they seemed to make the deck not so effective. But I did like the idea if Mr. Briney's Comapssion as a card to replace the Moo-Moo Milk's/Healing Berry's. I thankyou again for your help.

    regice froze you
    Personally I liked the SS evo's better than the Skyridge one's. But I could try maybe one of each in the deck to see what happens.

    Just to let you know, the reason for the 2 of each evo is to give me more opportunity to get out the evo's. I actually think that it might be making the deck risky but leaving me open for defeat due the possibility of having the one evo that will give me the advantage. But an interesting concept all the same.
    I do like the idea of Retro energy/Rare Candy combo. That could really give me the edge against someone using a dual type deck. If Need be, just change from one type that might be week to him to the defending pokemon's weekness. Might have to see about trying to fit that combo into my deck.
    Just wondering what would Solrock/Lunitone/Wobbaffett do to assist this deck? There are reasons for the pokemon that I chose. I'm just curious to know what made you think of putting those three into the deck revision? I'm not saying that it's wrong from the start, I'm just curious about it.
    When it comes to the Oak's/Shamen's/TV Reporters/Bill's maintenence, I'd rather not use them. The original way I designed the deck was to get exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. Those cards only make me draw cards that might not be what I wanted. That's what I'd rather avoid if I can with my decks. But thanks for your imput.

    I'm very thankful for all your help. If it all works out I will let you know.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2004
  10. GuardianTIM

    GuardianTIM New Member

    I think the idea of having the extra Evos in is so that you can draw them with the Eevee's attack, then use Mystery Zone to trade the extra Evo cards over for basic energy cards instead.

    Retro Energy & Rare Candy? now that's a combo I hadn't thought of - nicely worked too! Imagine that you only have one Pokemon in play - a Flareon as your main Pokemon, and you have a variety of energy on it, and they bring out a Kingdra. You then Retro back to Eevee, and Candy up to Jolteon, and whoop them without having to retreat or lay down another Basic! Also works the same from Vaporeon to Flareon against Sceptiles, and so on.
  11. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Yeah, this deck inspired this combo.... I have been wanting a card to allow you to switch evos on the fly. With most Pokemon having multiple versions, and a few having alternate evos, changing evos on the fly is just such a cool idea..... Nintendo I hope you are listening...

    As far as Solrck/Luntone, it just ads good basics, and a Fighting type (as well as Fire, Psy and Dark), plus good draw as well. Wobbu is in here for the same reason he is in any deck, anti EX.

    I used to play a simular deck, trust me, it is spread to thin having 10 Eevos for 4 basics..... stick with 1-2, use the others for support... yeah Mystery Zone is another great addition. Trade extra Eevos for more energy.... And since evos are easy enough to get......
  12. Epyon

    Epyon New Member

    Suprisingly my deck does work quite well even with 2 of each eevee in there. But I might decide to take maybe one or 2 of them out to try the Retro Energy/Rare Candy combo. I'm just trying to deciding what would be the best choice of what to take out for those cards would be. About taking out the Umbreon, I might take out one but not both cause I know of a person that uses Gardevior in a deck as well as Mewtwo EX. But there was one thing that I wanted to focus on and that was Eevee and his evolutions. So I only had Kecleon in there for a bit of fun and a pokemon that could turn into any type of pokemon since I had most of the basic energy in the deck at the beginning. I could also take out Volbeat/Illmise but I had them in there for there attacks. It just might stuff someone up for a while while I get my Eevee's charged up and evolved. But I might see about trying Solrock/Lunatone. About Wobbuffett, I'l think I'll leave him out cause of my deck being powerful enough to face up to one of those trypes of pokemon. But an interesting idea.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2004
  13. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    No prob... dont forget my deck idea used Lure Balls, so if you did discard the only Eeveelution, you could just go get it back, most likely (does involve Flipping, but still 3 flips, 1 is generally heads most of the time at least).

    the only freak worry with 1 per deck of the Eeveelution is it could end up in prizes, but I have that happen semi frequently with my Delcatty or Skitty were both of them are in my prizes....

    yeah, I think your Opponnents Psy decks get the biggest kick in the butt with Retro/Candy... Umbry to Espy in a flash, from Satll to
  14. Epyon

    Epyon New Member

    I'll let you know how the Retro/Rare Candy combo goes in my deck. If it works then it will be one almighty deck to play against.
    Thankyou again for all your ideas/imput. It has made things interesting.
  15. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    yes, either put it here, or personally PM me if it works... I may wanna try it, it just seems like greatness... thanx to this deck for inspiring the combo..... I might have to build this too, well my version... but still.. LMK.... and you are welcome
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