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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by EeveeTrainer, Nov 29, 2004.

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    Man after a week of stratagizing and planning I went on and made a deck that I never had a chance to test (I get bored with decks so fast) so I came up with a Jumpluff/Milotic deck I hoped would perform really well.

    Round 1 Vs Dark Dragonite/Electrode

    This was a deck I had yet to see in action and my hat's off to my opponent for this one. He played really well against me and Despite a weak start he managed to come back on me and take the win. 0-1

    Round 2Vs Random

    Actually wound up playing my friend in this one. She's just getting into the game so she didn't really have a focused deck but still played very well with what she had in my opinion. 1-1

    Round 3 Vs Starmie/Magma Mightyena

    Another random IMO. Lack of focus and a Type advantage against Styaru saved me in this game. Easy win for my Jumpies. 2-1

    Round 4 vs Blastoise EX.

    Another game that I was in control of from start to finish Due to a type advantage. The Jumpies played a switching game and a Few well times Milotics were the keys here. 3-1

    Round 5 vs Rambo

    Luck had everything to do with this game. Every lunge with his combuskens was heads and Every Buffer I flipped was tails. 2 Milotics in my prizes didn't help things really...just wasn't my game. To make matters worse my opponent was very arrogant and not friendly at all about his win. Spirit of the Game people.... >.>

    So for a random deck I don't think I did all that bad and really I think I have a deck that can do something with some changes and testing. All in all with the exception of round 5 I had alot of fun and it was great seeing my old tourny buds again (Including a guy I used to play DBZ with. Very cool)

    Hoping to hit up DE next week but if not then Definately Exton on the 2nd. Good luck to all CC players and in case I don't remember it later, Have a Safe and Happy Holiday season.

    -Eevee Trainer
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    It's OK Buddy. You can get them next time Eevee Trainer..You did Very Well..with a deck that you
    just built and Haven't test it out..before the Trounment... :p

    Even thou I got 15th Place in the Troument
    I'm Just SO Happy that I got 2nd in the booster Daft Side event Troument... :p :fire:
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