EeveeTrainer's SC rundown (Exton PA)

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by EeveeTrainer, Apr 4, 2004.

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  1. EeveeTrainer

    EeveeTrainer New Member

    Before I go into my day I wanna just take a moment here to thank Dorian, Mr. Grass and Professor Bix, as well as all the other judges that were there for today's awsome event in. You all did a superb job and should really be commended. (Despite the opinion of one such person that shall remain nameless).

    Extra thanks to all the parents that take the time and energy to help the kids that play and bring them out to this. You guys are the best.

    Now on with my day.

    Round 1. Me (Blaze EX w/Rayquaza Vs Same)

    After having laid out my deck this was a bad game start to finish Getting all I needed when I didn't need it. Blazken EX by 3rd turn but nothing to help support him and after a few hits he went down and being energy starved the rest of the game cause me to struggle vainly to my first round loss.

    Round 2. Me Vs Aqua water deck (0-1)

    An odd deck that looked remarkably like the team Aqua theme deck right out of the box with some light changes with Expedition trainers. Needless to say the deck didn't stack up to me. Turn 3 Blazken EX and all his support just took out the opposition without a sweat.

    Round 3. Me vs ???? (It had Mereep in it that's all I know) (1-1)

    Random collection of Aqua's Spheal/Seeleo, and Mareep. Bazken EX and Rayquaza made short work of this issue. Not much to tell here


    Round 4. Me Vs Ampharos EX (2-1)

    She started with only 1 Khangaskahn and I just sat in wonder of what type of deck she was playing. It hit me by surprize when Ampharos EX laid a heavy smack onto my Rayquaza thankfully it wasn't Paralyzed but was now holding 80 Damage. Some quick Oracle action to fetch a Nurse and with the help of a Switch (A sacrificial Dunsparce) Blazken (firestarter) and Aqua's manectric the Ray was back to lay the final hit that ruined her deck (3 nasty with that Ray)

    Round 5 Me vs Aqua's Walerain deck(3-1)

    Have to say this was probably one of the hardest wins I picked up all day. He started fast getting 2 swamperts out and ready then a few turns later came the Walerain and a nasty hit on my Blazken EX. It was clear that my only hope would be Rayquaza. Gunning through my deck fasterh than I ever have we were trading blows back and forth adn eventually came to a brick wall where none of us had energy to attack with. I had one Firestarter, Rayquaza, Manectric and Delcatty. I put up the delcatty since at the tiem it was no longer useful (An Elm's Training revealed nothing that would help me.) So I had no choice, I sent up the Manectric and could only hope that he pulled no energy cards for a turn or two. Sending it up I attacked Hitting his active Wob for 50 putting it at 60. He pulls it back and sends out dunsparce and attempts to paralyze me and fails. Take the Sparce out and pull a prize. Glorious...a fire win in the bag. He sends up Walerain with 1 energy hit's Manectric for 20. Retreat the manectric, firestarter to it then send up Rayqaza with 3 fire and 1 set match.

    Round 6 Me vs Aquaplois Scizor.

    I'm fire he's metal. Nuff Said. I had control start to finish.

    Top 8.

    In my fondest wishes I wanted only to break even. As dorian called out that there would be a top 8 and not top 4 I thought I was gonna just pass out or something. But even if it had been top four...I was in. As third ranked player I was ready for the playoffs.

    Round 1 Me Vs Gardivoir EX

    This prooved to be a bit easier of a game because Iwas playing someone I knew and wouldn't have felt bad losing to him. 3 members of Team Eevee were playing for the gold. The hits went back and forth but I finally managed to get things moving when I got the 2nd Blazken ready to firestart with Manectric. Rayquaza started taking things down till finally Gardy Ex gave me an 11 card feedback but by then the Blaze EX was on the field and came up to take out a Dunsparce on his bench and pull my last prize.

    Round 2 Me vs Rayquaza with BlazeEX

    This game could have gone either way but fact is that I got all my Torchics up and going and had 2 Blazkens 1 EX 1 Manectirc and Rayquaza set and ready Blazken EX ran the show then Rayquaza made a final KO appearance to take down his Blaze EX for the win.

    Final Round Me vs same deck as First round.

    They say that fate is not without a sense of Irony. With now all member of Team Eevee eliminated I was all that was left. I had to take this for the team and failure was not an option for me.

    Having played him earlier I knew all the tricks I knew the score and knew just how to win against him. So without hesitating I drew my hand, Dunsparce and Skitty as basics. energy. He went first and had a pair of Sandstorm EX torchics to start with he attached energy TV reported and passes. I Draw. Thank goodness, Fire energy. Right to Dunsparce and Play Oak's Research. Grabbed my hand which came with Delcatty and Aqua's manectric as well as Torchic. Bench the Chic then Strike For Torchic, Elektrike and Ray. He evolved active Torchic to Combusken and the Bench one to Firestarter Blazeken. But Still I worry not. he hits the Dunsparce for 30 with quick attack. My turn Draw Oracle. Perfect. Oracle for Rare Candy and Firestarter. Evolve to Manectric and Delcatty. Catty Power and Evolve Torchic to Blaze not to mention Pulling the Blaze EX. I attack and couldn't Paralyze. He lays skitty and Electrike after a reporter. KO on the Sparce. My Turn, Send up the Rayquza and Pull Blazken. Sweet. Another Oracle for Rare Candy and Torchic. Delcatty for both and...another Oracle. Beware of God hands. Attach Lightning to Ray then Firestarter two to him Via Manectirc and Evolve the 3rd Torchic to Blaze EX Ray makes the KO on the Combusken for the Prize 1. Next up is his Dunsparce. With nothing else he hits and paralyzes it. Nothing but Paralyzation for 3 turns then he misses the flip. Now I have the Blaze EX ready so attach one to Ray and retreat for the KO on the Blaze on his bench. Prize 2. Next turn he uses Strike and Rund for Electrike, Torchic and Skitty. Blaze takes out his benched Catty. Prize 3. He tries to use Sparce to paralyze Blaze luck. His Electrike goes down Prize 4. Seeing the end her took on Faith and Played Rayquaza EX Rare candies the Torchic for Firestarter and plays a Fire from the hand to Ray and attempts Paralysis...and misses. Blaze takes down the Ray and the game is over. After a devistating first round loss I recover and become state champion of the 15+ division of PA.

    A day well spent I collected my spoils after many congratulations from all my team members. Hugs from everyone. With the match done I retired to watch the 11-14 division match between Justin Weed and Blair Bennet. I tuned into the match just as Blair pulled up her last prize. The two memebers of Team Eevee of South Jersey walked up Triumphantly to pick up our Trophies and Boxes.

    On a final note I wanna thank all the Members of the Gamers realm Pokemon league for coming up here and Representing South Jersey and prooving that we are not to be taken lightly.

    To all members of Team Eevee. You guys performed phenominally and I can say wholeheartedly that I am proud of the way that each and everyone of you played today. You all did a great job and were just awsome sports about everything, good luck or bad. Just remember that Blair and I won beacause of all of you rooting for us and Cheering us on in those tense final games. Congratulations to Everyone that played today because I'm happy to say I have never been happier to be the leader of such and awsome team. Great Job you guys !!!!

    This win is especially dedicated to Gardevoir Guardian, Gyarados Master, Scyther Trainer and Little Pichu for their tireless efforts in helping me to prepare for this. And also to the absent Lunamew who could saddly not be there for personal reasons.

    However I also dedicate this victory to a very special person. One of the greatest players in South Jersey and my best friend...GodTrainer. If he hadn't spent countless nights testing and tweaking this deck with me I don't think I would be where I am today. This one was for you Man.

    -Saturn Knight
  2. LittlePichu

    LittlePichu New Member

    I'm so Happy for you.. EeveeTrainer..when I know how much you want to win
    a Big troument like this So Bad when I frist Playing game and I guset your wish came true..
    This was your day..and I happy to have the Greatess Team Leader and bring in the best group..too
    OUR BEST =)
  3. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    This event was probably the best run event I have been to and I enjoyed it a lot! I hope everyone that went had a lot of fun, I know I did, I met a whole bunch of new people, and some Pokegym members too! Good Job Eevee Trainer, and everyone else who was there too. And a special Congrats to LittlePichu, for your incredible use of that Mighteyena. Oh, and good job to my little sister too...;)
  4. Gyarados Master

    Gyarados Master New Member

    Oh My!!!! What an amazing event, that had to be the best one ever. Huge CONGRADULATIONS to Matt and Blair, and i also want to say congrats to the winner of the ten and under but unfortunately don't know his name, but congrats to him too.

    even though i didn't play, i still had an amazing time, took many pictures (which i'll hopefully have finished by the next tournament) and thanks everyone who helped me with the pictures and for those who put up with the picture taking, it truly helped me out. thanks again everyone.

    hope to see everyone at the Gym Challenge May 8th.

    Gyarados Master

    "And the Bishop was hanging there and i felt sorry for him so i stabethy him through the heart" Mine. after a very long battle of chess with my friend

    "He's got a corkscrew in his chest... that's just not right" Mine
  5. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    Good job everyone and contrats on your win Eevee Trainer and Blair! My little bro won the 10- somehow. He barely made their top 4 with a 3-3 record then just tore it up, lol.

    I was surprised so many people actually had Blaziken ex, like I thought they would have been harder to get. It was also crazy how many Blazzy variants there were in 15+. There must have been 5 in the top 8, and the other 3 were counters to it. I played Flygon as a change cause I thought it would be fun but it stunk, but that's ok because the Gym Challenge is the big tournament to win, so I'll either make a Blazzy deck for that or a Blazzy counter; that's all you can really make right now. :cool:

    The tourny was well run, the little kids just needed to be watched while they were playing (they sometimes "forget" the rules). It was nice seeing Jermy (Venusaur) and Evan (GOROY). Hope to see everyone in May!
  6. Gyarados Master

    Gyarados Master New Member

    I would also like to give Dorian, and all the other judges around of applause for their great judging during this tournament, it was awesome. And thanks again to Dorian for letting take the pictures, i really appriciate it.

    Gyarados Master

    :pokeball: Extremely Proud Member of Team Eevee :pokeball:

    "And the Bishop was hanging there and I felt sorry for him, so i stabethy him through the heart." Mine. After a long game of Chess with my friend.

    "He's got a corkscrew in his chest... that's just not right." Mine. after watching my friend play Dot Hack.
  7. Scyther_trainer

    Scyther_trainer New Member

    Hi all!

    Huge Congratulations go out to Eevee_Trainer for winning the 15+ division!

    Congrats also go to GOROY's little sister. WAY TO GO!!!

    I was the guy with the Swampert/Walrein deck Eevee_Trainer played in round 5. (If I had pulled a Fisheman in any of those last 5-6 turns, I would have won that one! It was that close!)

    I guess I did average (going 3/3 for the day) I just want to know how I beat 2 Grass decks that were resistant to me, yet I couldn't beat the 3 fire decks I faced?

    It was awesome, sitting at the front row in the 4th round and almost everyone from our team was there! WOW

    You never know how good you really are until you come to one of these major events and see. We had around 52 people at this tournament and it was awesome.

    I'd also like to than Dorian, Mr. Grass and Professor Bix for doing a superb job as always. Looking forward to the next big thing. (Gym Challenge @ Infinite Quest, OH YEAH!)

    See you there!
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2004
  8. billykilledtony

    billykilledtony New Member

    Hello, I was the other Judge besides Professor Bix and Joel (Mr. Grass). I would like to say congradulations to Matt, Blair, and the winner of the 10-(sorry I don't know your name). I feel the event went very smoothly, very few problems. There was only one main problem and I think most know what it was, once again Matt I would like to say you're my hero lol ;)

    If your unsure of who I am, my name is Tony. I was mistaken for Randy (Professor Bix) on a number of occasions through out the day lol. Now that I think about it, I prolly should have made my screen name Imposter Professor Bix. lol

    ~ Tony (Imposter Professor Bix)
  9. LittlePichu

    LittlePichu New Member

    I Also forgot to say to My little Friend Blair...I happy for her too...when I frist meet her
    she kept tell my that she couldn't find a deck that can beat everyone in our little club and she
    want to find a deck that badly and she never gave up looking for the right deck ...Well blair..I guest
    you found that deck and WE TO GO!! and We to Go to the little boy who made 1st in the 10-under
    class..And If all three go to OH..For National ..I wish them the Best of Luck.. Congratulations
    guys! =D.

    PS..Goroy sorry that my Mightyena had a Feild day on you Pokemon..I still can't get over
    that I discard your Blazeken Ex ..=D
  10. Lunamew

    Lunamew New Member

    ^_^ I wish I could have been there to see ya win! -_-;; unfortunately, it just happend to DOWNPOUR to the point where people were sliding down the street.

    Don't worry! I'll be there next time in May to root for ya! ^_^ Most likely from the loser seat as always.
  11. MetallicKingScizor

    MetallicKingScizor New Member

    I think it'd be appropriate for me to say something as well...congrats to all especially to Matt and to Blair. I had a great first three rounds (3-0) (my deck is Blaze Ex -no Rayquaza Ex-) but then I tied with Vince (one of THE BEST games I have EVER played) and lost the last two to another Blaze Ex with Rayquaza and then to Gardevoir Ex (I knew the guy so no hard feelings)...but I did have fun I just took my frustration out on everyone and I'm sorry...

    To Little Pichu, GOROY, and Scyther_Trainer, I think we all did extremely well and deserve to be congratulated for at least putting up a great fight--And don't worry we'll be at the Gym Challenge in May with a Vengeance!!
  12. LittlePichu

    LittlePichu New Member

    My wrost score ever 4 Lostes and 2 Win only one was Challageing, Aagain sorry Goroy about my
    dark Puppy bet up you Blazeken EX :D and the other win was handed to ..that preson just got a
    Starterbox of TM & TA, but some changes to it.

    Anyway, I have to do better next troument or I'm in trouable :( that what professorbix siad I have to. Druing the Troument . and I told him, I'm going to steal EeveeTrainer Deck if I have to :rolleyes: ((Just Kidding))

    we all did that well...Lets get everyone in our group at the Challage in top 8 again .. :D
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2004

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