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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by poke_master2008, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    I know its a horrible name but i couldnt really think of a good name this time....


    Pokemon: 21

    Exeggcute x4 MT = Basic
    Exeggutor x4 MT = Energy Supplier / Secondary Attacker
    Chansey x3 MT = Basic
    Blissey x3 MT = Main Attacker
    Treecko x2 CG = Basic (Paralying Gaze)
    Grovyle x1 CG = Evo (Detect)
    Sceptile x2 R/S = Energy Mover (Energy Trans)
    Skitty x1 PK = Basic
    Delcatty EX x1 CG = Emergancy late game attack


    Grass x14
    Boost x4 = For Blissey mainly

    Trainers: 21 (I only used good trainers i had)

    Holon Mentor x2 = Gets Basics
    Windstorm x2 = Gets rid of Cess.
    Buffer Piece x2 = Helps me stay alive for one more turn
    Night Maintenance x1 = Helps middle/late game to get back blisseys
    Rare Candy x2 = For treecko --> sceptile
    Warp Point x1 = Helps with Blissey's retreat
    Castaway x2 = Helps get what i need
    Professor Oak's Visit x3 = Drawing
    TV Reporter x3 = Drawing
    Celio's Network x3 = Gets what pokemon i need

    This deck runs fine once its set up but it takes a little to set up and by then if im facing a good deck im in trouble...I put what every card is in their for next to it on the list but again..

    Exeggutor gets the grass out of the deck and attachs to any pokemon (to blissey is the best)... the blissey is the main attacker and with the help of sceptile (who moves grass energy from pokemon to pokemon) i can get just enough to KO a pokemon while keeping some energies on benched pokemon...

    Any help would be appriciated...Thanks
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