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  1. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    How would I go about making this deck?

    As in Pokemon Lines, T/S/S, and Energy. I think a deck like this could work because you can use Tenta to spread Pixies (Not named uxie) and then the next turn KO them with Elevtivire.

    But the biggest problem I think is if they don't have energy in the discard, and Electivires heavy attack cost.
    I know with Energy Removal getting reprinted I could use that and with a coin flip, I can get my ammo, but that is still too flippy for me.
    Is there anyway to make this work?

    I think it could run on engineer's Adjustments engine because Electivire has it's own energy acceleration. But still.

    Any thoughts?

    Ambipom G is probably a contender for a deck spot
  2. Kayle

    Kayle New Member

    I would kind of prefer to see Electivire with Garchomp SV honestly.
  3. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    Garchomp Sv returns energys to the hand. How does that help me?
  4. Zathaz

    Zathaz New Member

    If you figure out a way for electrivire to work, that would make my day, again :)
  5. Kayle

    Kayle New Member

    Garchomp SV punishes them for not having energy.

    Electivire punishes them for having it.
  6. Ninja

    Ninja New Member

    Im liking it haha... I had never seen the tentacruel before 0.0
    I think it would work better as a late game tactic while they have energies in the discard. Its a good idea and a great combo but tentacruel would work better as a tech for late game and they realize your beating them because they have to many energies(Although they should already realize it when they see electivire?). Ampipom G is a great idea :D

    Now ima go off and find something cool for tentacruel :p
  7. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    Tentacruel works better with Lanturn LA imo. It's only 30, but it's one energy and no side effects.
  8. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    Hmm, Your probably right....So I'll just replace the Electivire Line with a lanturn line. Seems okay to me. Although electivire lets me use engineers adjustments to the fullest extent. maybe I could include it as a tech, I'd rather stick with Electivire as it has more Hp and Resistance, and he has an attack that flows perfectly with Engineers, allowing me to power him up 1 or 2 turns. It will require playtesting
  9. amphachu

    amphachu New Member

    This deck is just a slap to the face against Arceus.
  10. thunderjolt

    thunderjolt New Member

    weevile discards energy

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