Emperor Spread

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mewoxys666, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    3 Piplup MD
    2 Prinplup DP
    3 Empoleon MD
    1 Empoleon Lv X
    3 Phione MD
    3 Bronzor MD
    3 Bronzong MD
    2 Baltoy SW
    2 Claydol SW

    3 Galactic Wager
    2 Roseanne's Research
    2 Bebe's Search
    2 Oak's Visit
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Windstorm
    2 Warp Point
    2 Night Maintenence
    2 Dawn Stadium

    10 Water
    4 Call
    3 Scramble

    Mass spread damage which always seems to win. Obvious advantage against Magmortar, with awesome accelaration power due to Phione evolving things and Claydol drawing up the cards you need and such. Bronzong loves owning Poke Powers, and when the damage is done by Bronzong Empoleon cleans up, or vice versa. Idk the exact trainer build or anything but yeah. Any suggestions?
  2. Dragon100

    Dragon100 New Member

    try a 1-0-1 ampharos line
    -3 piplup md
    -1 windstorm
    +4 piplup dp
    -1 bronzor md
    -1 bronzong md
    +1 mareep sw
    +1 ampharos sw
  3. ninjachris96

    ninjachris96 New Member

    no phione... c'mon and i dont like a 1-0-1 amphy, because i can never get it out early enough to work. try 1 absol ex and 1 chatot =) works for me
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