Empoleon and palkia deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by nekosoft, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. nekosoft

    nekosoft New Member

    1-empoleon lv X
    2-palkia lv X

    3-roseanne's research
    3-glacia' stadium
    3-holon circle
    3-plus power
    3-rare candy
    2-professor elm.
    2-professor oak visit

    19-water energy

    Please help improve!
  2. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    take out:
    5 water energy
    1 glacias stadium
    2 PETM
    3 holon circle
    4 switch

    add in:
    2 DRE
    2 warp point
    2 POV
    2 castaway
    2-2 mantine
    1 pluspwoer
    1 stremgth charm
    1 scott
  3. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member


    3-2-3 Empoleon
    2-2 Palkia
    2-2 Mantine
    4 Pachirisu


    3 Rare Candy
    4 Celio's Network
    3 Roseanne's Research
    2 Night Maintenence
    1 Switch
    2 Warp Point
    4 Professor Oak's Visit
    1 Team Galactic's Wager
    2 Steven's Advice


    14 Water
    2 Scramble
    2 Double Rainbow
  4. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    i really like the idea of this deck, especially as i pulled 2 palkia level x - one from the tin and one from a booster packi got in the tin, however, doestn it work better with swampert??
  5. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    Yes, a 1-0-1 line of Swampert could help.
  6. mewsmom

    mewsmom New Member

    Swampert doesn't use mantine. It just gust out and then switch NRG to active to attack.

    The Empoleon/mantine one, turns the double gust into a gust of wind and then you attack with Empoleon LX everytime to any pokemon for 80 damage for 3 NRG.
  7. jconti2818

    jconti2818 Member

    As per my suggestions on previous posts, I would add 1 or 2 Suicune. Its Pokepower essentially acts as a TSD without the coin flips (and if you have 2, you can use 1 Suicune to get the other out of the discard pile!). I also think Lapras is a better starter for this deck than Pacharisu IMHO because its useful even after your bench is full, has a little more HP, helps you thin your deck, and when Lapras is your active Pokemon guarantees you an energy the following turn unless your opponent plays a hand disruption card.

    I've been playing a deck similar to this (see my previous posts) for about 2 months and even though I doubt I will ever beat G&G (though it does great against water-weak decks like Magmortar and Typhlosion), it still is a lot of fun to play!

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