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  1. killak831

    killak831 New Member

    first of all i dont plan on doing any tourneys all i do is just play among friends and stuff like that so i dont really care what goes into the deck:


    2 energy search
    2 super scoop up
    1 warp point
    1 quickball
    2 potions
    1 team galactic wager
    3 bebe's searches
    1 scott
    3 team galactic mars
    1celios network
    1 professor elms training method
    1 professor rowan

    1 double colorless
    10 water energy

    this deck can go 3 ways start off at a moderate pace trying to get a floatzel on t2 and do damage from there while powering up an empoleon or magmortar(good 1 retreat cost to put out magmortar to deal damage to the bench and stuffs) then use a warp point to switch them or something like that lol

    like i said im not big into tourneys so im just thinking of buying those champion decks and just getting some rare candies and using a full 4 empoleon and take out my floatzel line, and im going to trade for 2 magmortars (sw) so ill be doing a 4-4 magmortar and maybe a 4-2-4 empoleon or a 4-3-4 and i dunno seems ok just get some more celios rosannes and elms i guess good idea?

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    o yah to add the suicune that i have is just to take back empoleon in case it goes to the discard to make up for the lack of empoleons in the deck
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  2. gallade

    gallade New Member

    ok empoleon... no buisel, just weak, add a magmortar mt and a magmortar lvx in goes one more empoleon and empoleon lvx ad fix your trainers, no rare candy means bench hitting decks you will have a hrd time with. Add the fishing engine, if you just look up fishing engine in pokegym you should find its list, also ad rare candy and celios to the fishing engine
  3. ThePokeDex

    ThePokeDex New Member

    im srry but floatsol is bad there is no synergy that i see srry

    but take out floatsol and if you want a starter play furret good luck!:thumb:
  4. kangaroo

    kangaroo New Member

    Cessation crystal is a must.
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