Empoleon's Diving Draw with 0 Cards in Deck

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    Hey Rules Team,

    I asked this question about half a year ago. At the time, there generally wasn't a super realistic in-game situation where you would Diving Draw with 0 cards in your deck, so I understand why that particular question was not answered.

    However, I piloted an Empoleon/Accelgor deck recently, which is a deck where you would often want to Diving Draw with 0 cards left in your deck just to get rid of unnecessary cards and make yourself more N-proof. In fact, this situation came up in 3 of the 5 rounds I played that day.

    So, can I use Empoleon's Diving Draw if I have no cards left in my deck, just to discard a card from my hand? (I have searched the Compendium for the words "Diving Draw" and "Empoleon," and there isn't a published ruling.)

    Thanks in advance. :lol:
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    You can discard a card and they draw 2 cards, or as many as you can.

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