Empostar = Grinders Time

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pokeric, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Pokeric

    Pokeric New Member

    Since I couldn't go to nats I'm going to grinders and I feel that Empostar is my best choice

    Pokemon: 23
    4 Empoleon (0-1 DP)
    3 Prinplup (DP)
    4 Piplup (3 DP 1 Splatter)
    2 Omastar (MD)
    1 Omanyte (MD)
    2 Helix Fossil
    2 Claydol
    2 Baltoy
    3 Phione

    Trainers: 21
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Roseanne's (3 wasn't working for me)
    3 Bebe's Search
    3 TGW
    2 Night Maintenace
    2 Warp Point
    2 Steven's Advice
    1 Celio's Network

    Energy: 16
    8 Water
    4 Call
    3 Scramble
    1 DRE

    This deck works great but is a little crowded so if anyone has some suggestions?

    Some possible addictions

    +1 Omanyte (MD)
    Faster evolution with Helix Fossils ability and Phione

    +1/1 Dugtrio (CG)
    If I can get it out mirror matches become fairly easy

    +1/1 Bronzong (MD)
    Nice spreading and stalling abilities and works well against G&G but has a hufe retreat

    +2 Dawn Stadium (MD)
    Can toss out stadiums such a Crystal Beach and helps with Surf Together

    +1 Windstorm
    Tosses CB and Cessation

    Thanks to everyone who helps
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2008
  2. pokmeman

    pokmeman New Member

    Your numbers are off. I thought you could add in one more card, but you just miscounted trainers. Why 3 Bebe's and one Celio's? I prefer Celio's, because of the simplicity of grab a pokemon. No other cards wasted.
    I think you should put in some Battle Frontier. It kills Crystal Beach and stops powers of things like Garchomp,Togekiss, Shiftry ex, Aerodactyl, Flygon d, and Delcatty to name a few. So it could end up being useful disruption. I dunno what to take out for it though, because you can't seem to work it without 4 Roseannes...
  3. Brosius

    Brosius New Member

    Where is Omastar SS? It is very important...
  4. Gigabyte

    Gigabyte New Member

    Oh, Helix Fossil is not a pokemon it is a trainer.
  5. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    -1 DRE
    -1 Phione
    -1 Roseanne's
    -1 Celio's

    +1 Steven's
    +1 Warp Point
    +1 Omastar PK/SS
    +1 Spot

    Phione is good for bench and if you start with it active otherwise it's garbage, especially agaisnt mirrors. Steven's is a really good card so 3 is needed. Omastar PK is great because it de-evolves the active too and can Omastar MD+Pull Down in one turn. Warp Point should be abused in this Warp Point+Omastar can be game breaking.
  6. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    But Pull Down doesn't do much against Stage 1's (can't wager afterwards), and spends an attack.
  7. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    its better against plox/.
  8. bugsbite

    bugsbite New Member

    I agree, pull down slows things down, it doesn't work as good as it looks on paper. Stay with the MD version.
  9. Pokeric

    Pokeric New Member

    I'm gonna test both but so far it looks like the MD ones gonna stay
  10. sleep lock

    sleep lock New Member

    -1 empoleon
    +1 empoleon lv.X:water::water::water::water::lol:
  11. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    No, not really. You could be using that attack to spread more damage, therefore getting more KOs as a result of MD Omastar, and if their main attacker is out, you can just Warp Point it to the bench and use Omastar.

    Plus, if they can just put their Claydol's back, they could get out a Gardy and use Telepass to set back up really easily.
  12. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    sleep lock, a lot of people don't use empo x in empo decks, they really aren't needed. i think mismagius is pretty good in this deck, but idk what to take out for it, if u want to play it.
  13. Isaac_Ultra

    Isaac_Ultra New Member

    I agree with ashinto.
  14. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=


    I think its good but not for grinder.
  15. pokmeman

    pokmeman New Member

    Go with Only DP Piplup It is better by far. I remember reading a Nationals report where they were disappointed that they didn't take the time to find one last Piplup from DP, because they had no energy the one time they had the non-DP piplup out.
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