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  1. Dragonite Forever

    Dragonite Forever New Member


    3/2/2/1 Empoleon lv.x DP

    3/3 Bronzong MD

    :unknown-v 2

    :unknown-p 3

    unKnown ? 1


    1 speed Stadium

    1 prof Rowan

    3 TGW

    2 POV

    3 Roseannes

    2 Rare candy

    2 Dusk ball

    2 NM

    1Quick ball

    2Warp points

    3 bebes


    13 Water

    2 multis

    1 Call


    Get Empoleon and Bronzond out as fast as possible. Stall with an unown or bronzong if your opponents pokemon has poke powers. Start the spread... quick.

    Piplup: just to evolve.

    Prinplup: start the spread'n

    Empoleon: to spread and Kill

    Empoleon lv.x: to get more hp and Knock out the big pokemon

    Bronzer: to evolve

    Bronzong: to spread, spread, spread

    unown ?: To get rid of bad cards and to get more

    unown P: to get more cards by discarding andmove energy.

    Unown V: to remove damage

    Bebes: Nothing to be said.

    SSU: to get up damaged pokemon

    Warp point: enough said

    quick ball get pokemom

    NM you know why

    dusk ball get pokemon

    Rare candy oh like I need to tell you

    Roseannes get pokemon and energy

    POV get cards and get rid of Junk

    TGW disruption

    speed stadium get cards

    energy you know why

  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Why one earth are you running Unown P? It's only good with Mothim, Cress X, or Gyarados.
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