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  1. Envoyofduels

    Envoyofduels New Member

    1) I can ship worldwide.
    2) You make offers first.
    3) Please try to send in a hard case sleeve.
    4)I am a busy person so if you sent me a message and I have not reply yet, send me a reminder PM.
    5) I have so many wants, so if you see anything that you want let me know.
    6) if you have a trade tread and want something of mine, but do not have anything I want (or Via Versa). just post the link to ur thread.
    7) I will not trade with those who have a bad refs.
    8) If there is a dispute, lets figure it out before refs are left.
    9) If there is no dispute, please leave a ref ASAP.
    10) I have plenty of experiences of trading(and etc) online .
    11) Green=wants blue=have Auto trades in Red
    12) Any questions, ask.

    Auto Trade #1
    plus something
    EX FA (of the same kind)

    Auto Trade #2
    Legal Non-Trainer Reverse Holo
    Non-Legal Reverse Holo

    Auto Trade #3
    Legal Trainer Reverse Holo (execptions do apply)
    Non-Legal Reverse Holo x3

    Auto Trade #4
    Code Cards x3
    Promo/Deck/Tin Code card from my list.

    Auto Trade #5
    FA EX
    EX (of the same kind)
    plus something

    My Wants:

    Any Pokemon Anime Dvds/VHS/Movies

    World Championship Decks

    Video Games(All game working and saving):
    Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
    Pokémon puzzle challenge
    Pokémon Channel
    Pokémon Box: Ruby and Sapphire
    PokéPark 2
    Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS
    Pokemon Black 2

    USED(preferably),NO writing on them (see below):
    Decks Code Cards
    Black White Trainer Kit
    BW Blue Assault
    BW Green Tornado
    BW EP Toxic Tricks
    BW NV Fast Daze
    BW ND Voltage Vortex
    BW ND Explosive Edge

    Tins Code Cards

    Boxes Code Cards
    Super Snivy Box
    Terrific Tepig Box
    Outstanding Oshawott Box
    BW EP Collector's Box
    Master of Illusion Box
    Zekrom Box
    Reshiram Box
    Espeon Prime Challenge Box
    Umbreon Prime Challenge Box
    Machamp Prime Challenge Box
    Yanmega Prime Challenge Box
    Kyurem Box

    Other Code Cards

    Cards :
    Tornadus EX
    Landous EX
    Black & White Basic Energies (toss-in)
    ANY EX, FA EX, ex, FA, Shining, * pokemon
    STAFF Promos
    Mostly old stuff not listed, Mainly Promos
    Singles below:
    Plasma Storm:
    Black Kyurem EX

    Gym Challenge:
    3 Brock's Ninetales
    14 Rocket's Mewtwo

    Neo Discovery:
    18 Beedrill

    Neo Revelation:
    2 Blissey
    7 Ho-oh
    19 Kingdra

    Power Keeper:
    #93 Claydol ex

    Dragon Frontiers:
    #96 Latio ex
    #98 Salamence ex
    #99 Tyranitar ex
    #100 Charizard*

    Crystal Guardians:
    #89 Aggron ex
    #90 Blaziken ex
    #94 Jirachi ex
    #100 Celbi*

    Holon Phantoms:
    #102 Gyarados*
    #104 Pikachu*
    #111 Mew*

    Legend Maker:
    #10 Mew
    #14 Wailord
    #83 Arcanine ex
    #86 Dustox ex
    #87 Flygon ex

    Delta Species:
    #7 Jolteon
    #8 Latios
    #13 Rayquaza
    #17 Umbreon
    #18 Vaporeon
    #109 Jolteon ex
    #110 Vaporeon ex
    #111 Groudon*
    #112 Kyogre*
    #113 Metagross*
    #114 Azumarill

    #6 Jolteon
    #49 Nuzleaf
    #63 Eevee
    #66 Lotad
    #77 Seedot
    #83 Wailmer
    #87 Lanette's Net Search
    #98 Raichu ex
    #99 Typhosion ex

    Ruby and Sapphire:
    #5 Delcatty
    #13 Swampert
    #44 Skitty
    #82 Energy Switch

    Pop Series:
    POP1: #8 Murkrow,
    POP3: #1 Blastoise, #17 Ho-Oh ex
    POP4: #5 Sceptile, #9 Pokemon Fan Club, #17 Deoxys ex
    POP5: #16 Espeon *, #17 Umbreon*

    Burger King Promo:
    Platium: Turtwig

    BW Star Promo:
    BW28 Tropical Beach
    BW50 Tropical Beach
    BW52 Lillpup

    HGSS Star Promo:
    HGSS18 Tropical Tidal Wave

    D&P Star Promo:
    DP5 Tropical Wind
    DP15 Shinx
    DP24 Darkrai
    DP25 Tropical Wind
    DP48 Tropical Wind

    Wizard Black Star Promo:
    #19 Sabrina's Abra
    #40 Pokemon Center
    #41 Lucky Stadium
    #42 Pokemon Tower
    #49 Snorlax
    #52 Ho-Oh

    Have(Ask About T/S/S & Energy):

    Tons of unused Code cards.

    SEALED Player Reward Promos: Junk Arm/Black Belt
    SEALED Player Reward Promos: Seeker

    Name Set# Rarity:
    Plasma Storm:
    Articuno-EX 25 Ultra Rare Holo
    Amoonguss 13 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Beartic 41 Rare
    Beartic 41 Reverse Holo Rare
    Bouffalant 114 Rare
    Braviary 116 Reverse Holo Rare
    Conkeldurr 81 Reverse Holo Rare
    Cherrim 7 Rare
    Chimchar 15 Reverse Holo Common
    Cubchoo 40 Reverse Holo Common
    Carvanha 32 Reverse Holo Common
    Crobat 55 Holo Rare
    Colress 118 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Colress Machine 119 Reverse Holo
    Dodrio 100 Rare
    Donphan 73 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Doduo 99 Reverse Holo Common
    Dowsing Machine 128 Ultra Rare Holo
    Exploud 107 Rare
    Elgyem 68 Reverse Holo Common
    Ether 121 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Eviolite 122 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Escape Rope 120 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Foongus 12 Reverse Holo Common
    Frillish 38 Reverse Holo Common
    Grotle 2 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Garbodor 66 Holo Rare
    Garbodor 67 Rare
    Gallade 61 Holo Rare
    Infernape 17 Holo Rare
    Jellicent 39 Rare
    Klinklang 90 Holo Rare
    Koffing 56 Reverse Holo Common
    Lugia-EX 108 Ultra Rare Holo
    Lucario 78 Holo Rare
    Leavanny 10 Reverse Holo Rare
    Liepard 84 Reverse Holo Rare
    Lombre 30 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Litwick 21 Reverse Holo Common
    Mamoswine 28 Reverse Holo Rare
    Mamoswine 28 Rare
    Magnemite 42 Reverse Holo Common
    Magneton 44 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Magnezone 47 Reverse Holo Rare
    Manaphy 34 Holo Rare
    Moltres-EX 14 Ultra Rare Holo
    Patrat 110 Reverse Holo Common
    Riolu 75 Reverse Holo Common
    Rufflet 115 Reverse Holo Common
    Scramble Switch 129 Ultra Rare
    Sewaddle 8 Reverse Holo Common
    Scraggy 85 Reverse Holo Common
    Scrafty 86 Rare
    Skarmory 87 Rare
    Snorlax 101 Rare
    Squirtle 24 Reverse Holo Common
    Swinub 26 Reverse Holo Common
    Torterra 3 Rare
    Togepi 102 Reverse Holo Common
    Togekiss 104 Holo Rare
    Togekiss 104 Reverse Holo Rare
    Timburr 79 Reverse Holo Common
    Trubbish 63 Reverse Holo Common
    Vanillish 36 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Vanilluxe 37 Rare
    Victini-EX 18 Ultra Rare Holo
    Victory Piece 130 Ultra Rare Holo
    Virbank City Gym 126 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Weezing 58 Holo Rare
    Zapdos-EX 48 Ultra Rare Holo

    Boundaries Crossed:
    Audino 126 Rare
    Audino 126 Reverse Holo Rare
    Black Kyurem 100 Rare
    Blastoise 31 Holo Rare
    Blastoise 31 Rare
    Celebi-EX 9 Ultra Rare Holo
    Cresselia-EX 67 Ultra Rare Holo
    Crystal Wall 139 Ultra Rare Holo
    Charmander 18 Reverse Holo Common
    Dusclops 62 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Farfetch'd 107 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Gold Potion 140 Ultra Rare Holo
    Grumpig 60 Reverse Holo Rare
    Jellicent 45 Rare
    Kelseo 47 Holo Rare
    Marill 36 Reverse Holo Common
    Makuhita 82 Reverse Holo Common
    Meloetta 77 Holo Rare
    Munna 68 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Mienfoo 87 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Scizor 94 Holo Rare
    Switch 135 Reverse Holo Common
    Stoutland 122 Holo Rare
    Skarmory 96 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Scolipede 74 Holo Rare
    Swoobat 71 Reverse Holo Rare
    Toxicroak 66 Rare
    Unfezant 125 Rare
    Vileplume 3 Holo Rare
    Voltorb 51 Reverse Holo Common
    Zebstrika 57 Holo Rare

    Dragon Vault:
    Axew 13 Holo Rare
    Axew 12 Holo Rare
    Bagon 6 Holo Rare
    Druddigon 17 Holo Rare
    Dratini 1 Holo Rare
    Dratini 2 Holo Rare
    Dragonair 4 Holo Rare
    Dragonair 3 Holo Rare
    Dragonite 5 Holo Rare
    Exp. Share 18 Holo Rare
    First Ticket 19 Holo Rare
    Fraxure 15 Holo Rare
    First Ticket 19 Holo Rare
    Haxorus 16 Holo Rare Stamped
    Latias 9 Holo Rare
    Latios 10 Holo Rare
    Rayquaza 11 Holo Rare
    Shelgon 7 Holo Rare
    Salamence 8 Holo Rare

    Dragons Exalted:
    Audino 108 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Aron 78 Reverse Holo Common
    Altaria 84 Holo Rare
    Bidoof 106 Reverse Holo Common
    Baltoy 63 Reverse Holo Common
    Cascoon 9 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Cubone 60 Reverse Holo Common
    Drifloon 49 Reverse Holo Common
    Drifblom 51 Rare
    Devolution Spray 113 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Electrike 42 Reverse Holo Common
    Freebas 27 Reverse Holo Common
    Foongus 17 Reverse Holo Common
    Giant Cape 114 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Giratina-EX 92 Ultra Rare Full Art
    Giratina-EX 92 Ultra Rare Holo
    Golett 58 Reverse Holo Common
    Gothita 55 Reverse Holo Common
    Garbodor 54 Reverse Holo Rare
    Garbodor 54 Holo Rare
    Gible 86 Reverse Holo Common
    Ho-Oh-EX 22 Holo Rare
    Hydreigon 97 Holo Rare
    Magikarp 23 Reverse Holo Common
    Magmar 20 Reverse Holo Common
    Ninjask 11 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Nosepass 62 Reverse Holo Common
    Ninetales 19 Holo Rare
    Nincada 10 Reverse Holo Common
    Registeel-EX 81 Ultra Rare Holo
    Rayquaza-EX 85 Ultra Rare Holo
    Rescue Scarf 115 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Roselia 13 Reverse Holo Common
    Roserade 15 Rare
    Rufflet 111 Reverse Holo Common
    Sigilyph 52 Holo Rare
    Spheal 29 Reverse Holo Common
    Skuntank 77 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Stunky 76 Reverse Holo Common
    Swablu 104 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Stunfisk 70 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Shedinja 48 Rare
    Terrakion-EX 71 Ultra Rare Holo
    Wailord 26 Holo Rare

    Dark Explorers:
    Accelgor 11 Rare
    Aerodactyl 53 Rare
    Carnivine 5 Rare
    Empoleon 29 Holo Rare
    Espeon 48 Rare
    Excadrill 56 Rare
    Krookodile 66 Holo Rare
    Klinklang 77 Holo Rare
    Kyogre-EX 26 Ultra Rare Holo Rare
    Minun 40 Reverse Holo Common
    Raikou-EX 105 Ultra Rare Full Art
    Raikou-EX 38 Ultra Rare Holo Rare
    Slowking 49 Reverse Holo Rare
    Tornadus-EX 108 Ultra Rare Full Art
    Zorua 69 Reverse Holo Common

    Next Destinies:
    Amoongus 9 Rare
    Bronzong 76 Rare
    Exp. Share 87 Reverse Holo Uncommon
    Gardevoir 57 Holo Rare
    Kyurem-EX 38 Ultra Rare Holo
    Lapras 25 Rare
    Luxray 46 Holo Rare
    Mewtwo-EX 54 Ultra Rare Holo
    Musharna 59 Rare
    Muk 53 Rare
    Pidove 83 Reverse Holo Common
    Regigigas-EX 82 Ultra Rare Holo Rare
    Reshiram-EX 22 Ultra Rare Holo Rare
    Shaymin-EX 5 Ultra Rare Holo Rare
    Shiftry 72 Rare
    Vanillite 31 Reverse Holo Common
    Vanilluxe 33 Reverse Holo Rare
    Zekrom-EX 51 Ultra Rare Holo

    Noble Victory:
    Cobalion 100 Ultra Rare Full Art
    Druddigon 89 Rare
    Elektross 41 Holo Rare
    Hydreigon 79 Holo Rare
    Kyurem 34 Holo Rare
    Meowth 102 Secret Rare
    Rocky Helmet 94 Reverse Holo
    Victini 98 Ultra Rare Full Art
    Victini 14 Holo Rare
    Virizion 97 Ultra Rare Full Art

    Emerging Powers:
    Ferrothorn 72 Reverse Holo Rare
    Gothitelle 47 Holo Rare
    Leavanny 7 Rare
    Swanna Reverse Holo Rare
    Thundurus 97 Ultra Rare Full Art
    Tornadus 98 Ultra Rare Full Art
    Terrakion 63 Holo Rare
    Virizion 17 Holo Rare
    Whimsicott 12 Rare

    Black & White:
    Bouffalant 91 Rare
    Emboar 20 Holo Rare
    Energy Search 93 Reverse Holo Common
    Klinklang 76 Holo Rare
    Reshiram 113 Ultra Rare Full Art
    Serperior 6 Holo Rare
    Snivy 1 Reverse Holo Common
    Zekrom 114 Ultra Rare Full Art

    Accelgor States 2012 Promo
    Battle City BW39
    Cryogonal League Promo
    Darkrai-EX BW46 Promo
    Darmanitan Prerelease Promo
    Escavalier Shatted Glass Promo
    Empoleon BW56
    Eevee 84 Cities '12-'13 Promo
    Fraxure League Promo
    Flareon Regionals Promo
    Haxorus BW57
    Krokorok League Promo
    Karrablast Cities Promo 2011-2012
    Kyurem-EX BW37 Promo
    Landorus BW43 Promo
    Lillipup League Promo
    Lucario Blister Promo
    Melotta BW68
    Mewtwo-EX BW45 Promo
    Oshawott League Promo
    Oshawott BW03
    Pansage Mcdonalds Promo
    Pansage BW11
    Poliwhirl State Promo
    Reshiram BW004
    Rayquaza-EX BW47 Promo
    Reshiram-EX BW36 Promo
    Serperior Shatted glass Promo
    Snivy BW01
    Snivy BW06
    Snivy League Promo
    Samurott Shatted Glass Promo
    Shelmet Regionals Promo 2011-2012
    Snorlax Prerelease Promo
    Super Scoop Up Player Reward
    Tepig BW02
    Tepig League Promo
    Unfezant League Promo
    Victini Prerelease Promo
    Vaporeon State Promo
    Watchog League Promo
    Whirlipede League Promo
    Zekrom BW005
    Zekrom-EX BW38 Promo
    Zoroark Shatted glass Promo
    Zorua BW12
    Zebstrika League Promo

    Reverse Holo Energies:
    League Reverse Holo Promo: Grass, Lightning, Psychic, Dark, Water
    POP 2011 Holo Promo: Psychic
    POP Reverse Holo Promo: Grass
    2007 Reverse Holo Promo: Lightning, Psychic, Water, Fire
    Power Keepers Reverse Holo: Psychic, Grass
    Emerald Reverse Holo: Grass

    Extra Older sets cards:
    Name Set# Rarity Set:
    Arceus Lv.100 AR3 Holo Rare
    Arceus Lv.100 AR6 Holo Rare

    Supreme Victors:
    Garchomp C Lv.X 145 Ultra Rare Holo

    Rising Rivals:
    Charon's Choice RT6 Shatted Glass Reverse Holo Rare
    Floatzel GL Lv.37 4 Holo Rare
    Gallade E4 Lv.59 20 Holo Rare

    Scyther Lv.25 130 Secret Rare Holo

    Power Keepers:
    Metal Energy 88 Holo Rare
    Raichu 12 Holo Rare

    Dragon Frontiers:
    Bagon 43 Holo Common

    Crystal Guardians:
    Treecko 67 Holo Common

    Holon Phantoms:
    Surskit 82 Holo Common

    Legend Maker:
    Magnemite 59 Holo Common
    Tentacool 66 Holo Common

    Delta Species:
    Latios 9 Holo Rare

    Unseen Forces:
    Aipom 34 Holo Uncommon
    Cleffa 21 Rainbow Holo Rare
    Energy Recycle System 81 Holo Uncommon
    Energy Removal 2 82 Holo Uncommon
    Granbull 39 Holo Uncommon
    Miltank 43 Holo Uncommon

    Alakazam 33 Rare
    Clefable 41 Rare

    Neo Destiny:
    EXP.ALL 93 Rare
    Light Machamp 25 Rare

    Neo Genesis:
    Energy Charge 85 Rare
    Elekid 22 Rare
    Mary 87 Rare
    Murkrow 24 Rare
    Magby 23 Rare
    Time Capsule 90 Rare

    Gym Challenge:
    Giovanni's Pinsir 24 Rare
    Giovanni's Last Resort 105 Rare
    Koga 106 Rare
    Sabrina 110 Rare

    Gym Heroes:
    Misty 102 Rare

    Team Rocket:
    Dark Arbok 19 Rare
    Dark Machamp 27 Rare
    Dark Slowbro 29 Rare
    Dark Gyarados 25 Rare
    Dark Hypno 26 Rare

    Base Set 2:
    Beedrill 21 Rare
    Electrode 25 Rare
    Scoop Up 107 Rare
    Super Energy Removal 108 Rare

    Haunter 21 Rare
    Zapdos 30 Rare

    Jolteon 20 Rare
    Kangaskhan 21 Rare
    Vaporeon 28 Rare
    Vileplume 31 Rare

    Base Set:
    Beedrill 17 Rare
    Chansey 3 Holo Rare
    Clefairy Doll 70 Rare
    Computer Search 71 Rare
    Devolution Spray 72 Rare
    Dragonair 18 Rare
    Electrode 21 Rare
    Electabuzz 20 Rare
    Imposter Professor Oak 73 Rare
    Lass 75 Rare
    Pokemon Trader 77 Rare
    Scoop Up 78 Rare

    Rotated Promos/Mini sets:
    Bebe's Search Holo Promo
    Bebe's Search League Promo
    Black Belt Player Reward Promo
    Broken Time-Space League Promo
    Blastoise UL Prerelease Promo
    Carnivine G Lv.43 DP42 Promo
    Call Energy Player Rewards Promo
    Chimchar Lv.8 Holo Promo
    Chimchar Lv.8 Diamond & Pearl Buger King Promo
    Copycat League Promo
    Dragonite 5 WOTC Black Star Promo
    Dragonite FB Lv.50 League Promo
    Darkness Energy League Promo
    Donphan League Promo
    Delibird League Promo
    Expert Belt League Promo
    Feraligatr HGSS07
    Feraligatr Shattered Glass Promo
    Felicity's Drawing Player Rewards Promo
    Garchomp C Lv.X DP46 Promo
    Garchomp C Lv.62 Regional 2010 Promo
    Gible Lv.12 Cities 2009-2010 Promo
    Gliscor Lv.47 DP36 Promo
    Happiny Lv.8 Diamond & Pearl Buger King Promo
    Junk Arm Player Reward Promo
    Leafeon Prerelease Promo
    Metal Energy League Promo
    Magnezone Lv.53 DP44
    Meganium Shatted Glass Promo
    Psyduck 20 WOTC Black Star Promo
    Professor Rowan Holo Promo
    Piplup Lv.10 Platinum Buger King Promo
    Poliwag Cities 2010-2011 Promo
    Poliwhirl States 2011 Promo
    Poliwrath Regionals 2011 Promo
    Piplup Lv.10 Burger King Promo
    Probopass Lv.44 4 Holo Rare POP8
    Pichu Prerelease Promo
    Pikachu HGSS 03
    Roseanne's Research League Promo
    Squirlte Cities Promo
    Spiritomb Lv.39 League Promo
    Shuckle HGSS19 Promo
    Seeker Player Reward Promo
    Steelix League Promo
    Snorlax Prerelease Promo
    Typhlosion Shatted Glass Promo
    Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar Player Reward Promo
    Tyranitar ex 17 POP1
    Torterra Lv.X DP09
    Uxie Lv.55 League Promo
    Underground Expedition League Promo
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  2. cvmerchanary

    cvmerchanary New Member

    Hey cml for donpahn prime and emboar number 20 holo and x2 nine tales if you have it and any other of my wants
    Posted with Mobile style...
  3. rotomboyz

    rotomboyz New Member

    i have:
    RH Magnmite
    RH Megaton
    rh Collector
    i want:
    rh defender
    kingdra prime
    Rh emboar
  4. kirbyking

    kirbyking New Member

    I have a bunch of lv.xs and shinies, cml for your Donphan Prime, RDL Bottom/Full, and Emboar rh.
  5. ogremarauder

    ogremarauder New Member

    Are you in North America? If so, I have :

    Shaymin X land forme
    Mewtwo X(pack)
    (rh) emboar ability
    and a bunch of holo nrgs

    I'm looking for

    yanmega prime
    pikachu (b/w)
    raikou/ suicune legend set
  6. rizor

    rizor New Member

    CML for:

    x1 Samurott Ability
    x2 Emboar Ability
    x1 Pachirisu COL
    x2 Zoroark BW 1x Promo
    x1 Cinccino BW RH
  7. wyoungb

    wyoungb New Member

    I have:
    FA Reshiram
    RH Magnmite
    RH Magneton
    Gardevoir lv.x
    Luxray GL lv.x
    Rhyperior lv.x (pack)
    Salamence lv.x
    Shaymin lv.x (pack) sky
    shing gyarados both 1st ed and unlimited
    i also have a bunch more level x's if you're interested

    i want any of this:
    Emboar Black & White 20/114 Holo Rare
    Emboar Black & White 20/114 Reverse Holo Rare
    Full art zekrom
    Pachirisu Call of Legends 18/95 Holo Rare
    Cleffa HeartGold & SoulSilver 17/123 Rare
    Cleffa HeartGold & SoulSilver 17/123 Reverse Holo Rare
    Cleffa Call of Legends 24/95 Rare
    Donphan (Prime) HeartGold & SoulSilver 107/123 Ultra Rare Holo
    Magnezone (Prime) Triumphant 96/102 Ultra Rare Holo
    Yanmega (Prime) Triumphant 98/102 Ultra Rare Holo
    Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Bottom) Undaunted 90/90 Legend
    Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Top) Undaunted 89/90 Legend
    Shaymin Unleashed 8//95 Holo Rare
    Shaymin Unleashed 8//95 Reverse Holo Rare

    LMK if you're interested in working something out
  8. Dootar

    Dootar New Member

    I have
    x2-Emboar Ability RH
    x1-Gardevoir Level X
    x1-Salamence Level X
    x1-Sceptile Ex
    x1-Metagross Ex

    I'm interested in your
    x1-Magnezone Prime
    x1-Donphan Prime
  9. Shishio

    Shishio New Member


    Mewtwo X (pack)

    Salamence X

    RH magneton

    Pachirisu COL
    Cincinno RH
    Mincinno RH
  10. Monkeylad

    Monkeylad Active Member

    Interested in:
    Magnezone (Prime) Triumphant 96/102 Ultra Rare Holo
    Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Bottom) Undaunted 90/90 Legend
    Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Top) Undaunted 89/90 Legend

    Vending Machine Promo: Shellder
    RH Magnmite
    RH Magneton
    Dusknoir lv.x(need to make sure I still have this)
    Shining Magikarp

    Cml for more I can add in? Thanks!@
  11. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    I am interested in RD Legend (full)

    Have many of your wants... CML! :)
  12. idrumprettywell

    idrumprettywell New Member

    i am interested in all of this:
    Emboar Black & White 20/114 Reverse Holo Rare
    Pachirisu Call of Legends 18/95 Holo Rare
    Cleffa HeartGold & SoulSilver 17/123 Reverse Holo Rare
    Cleffa Call of Legends 24/95 Rare
    Donphan (Prime) HeartGold & SoulSilver 107/123 Ultra Rare Holo
    Magnezone (Prime) Triumphant 96/102 Ultra Rare Holo
    Yanmega (Prime) Triumphant 98/102 Ultra Rare Holo
    Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Bottom) Undaunted 90/90 Legend
    Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Top) Undaunted 89/90 Legend
    Shaymin Unleashed 8//95 Holo Rare
    Shaymin Unleashed 8//95 Reverse Holo Rare

    please cml? thanks :)
  13. Envoyofduels

    Envoyofduels New Member

    I am interested in trading the Ninetales aways, but I could not find anything at this point in time. I'll get back to you.

    RH Defender

    RH Magnton

    not interested, thanks.

    Raikou/Suicune Legend
    Emboar Non-RH Ablity

    RH Emboar Ablity
    1x Gengar X
    Infernape E4 X
    1 shaymin x land form (Pack)
    1 mewtwo x (Pack)
    1 Salamence X

    My: Samurott Ablity

    RH Junk Arm x1
    RH Magnmite x3

    At this time I could not find a trading I wanted, but I may come back to you.

    Not interested at this time, thanks.

    Not interested at this time, thanks.

    Not interested at this time, thanks.

    Not interested at this time, thanks.

    Not interested at this time, thanks.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  14. cvmerchanary

    cvmerchanary New Member

    I can trade my rh emboar for a normal emboar and somthing else
  15. djjoe227

    djjoe227 New Member

    Would you check my list for your Pikachu BW? Thanks!
  16. Envoyofduels

    Envoyofduels New Member

    Maybe after nationals

    Could not find anything, thanks.
  17. wyoungb

    wyoungb New Member

    there nothing out of all of those cards you want and all the cards i listed you'd be willing to trade?
  18. cvmerchanary

    cvmerchanary New Member

    Ok no prob cant go to nats anyway. Haha.
  19. will trade:
    1x Gardevoir lv. X
    1x Shinx SH12- Arceus
    1x Ability Emboar RH
    and I have a Metagross EX from Power Keepers if you don't already have it

    RDL full
  20. ogremarauder

    ogremarauder New Member

    sorry, but I don't need a replacement for the emboar. I got plenty of non(rh)ones. Thank you though.
    I would do my:

    Gengar X-- $3
    Infernape e4 X---$3
    Shaymin X land form (pack)---$3
    Mewtwo X (pack)---$5

    for your:
    Raikou/suicune legend (top and bottom)---$12

    Probably would have tossed the salamence in ,but it seems to be missing and it's still pretty even or slightly in your favor without it.

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