Etobicoke and Hamiton Ontario -- A tale of Two Battle Roads

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    Me: MagKiss
    Quinn: Glaceon Eeveeloutions
    Patrick: Roto-ape
    Janice: Empoleon/Star

    Round 1: Greg C. Empoleon/Star

    Start Baltoy (Claydol in hand), top decked Magmar. I went first had call energy so called for Togepi and second Magmar. T2 I retreated Baltoy brought up Togepi attached and hit heads on Find a Friend for Mortar. He dropped Helix Fossil T2 and I knew to watch for the Omastar on Magmortor Benched. T3 drop Kiss for 4 energy, retreat for Magmortar now with 4 energys and start burning through actives including good bench hitting. Get the Lvl X up either T4/5 and see the Omastar drop coming. So I Bluster away the Omanyte on the bench. After that I stay ahead. Time is called, I'm leading 2 to 5 so that my game. We play until the next standings go up and it goes to 1 to 3. I have a Motar with Four energies and a Premier Ball in my hand, so its pretty likely I was getting to snipe something in my next turn, but we will never know. This was certainly my closest game all day. I haven't played Greg since last year and he beat me badly in both those games, so I think it proves that I've improved over the year.

    Whole Family Goes 1-0

    Round 2: Zack L. Plox

    Start Magmar / Baltoy. Very good until a T2 Togekiss drop for only 2 energies. Fortunatley a second Togekiss drop on T3 netted enough energies to power up, Kisses and Magmar. He struggles early with a couple of good moves, but is forced on the offensive early enough that I can keep from being ploxed. I can take down any Gardy he brings up, and when he moves in starters to stall, I punish his bench with Bazooka. Game ends with Zack still having 3 to 4 prizes. I think my deck is liking me today.

    Me: 2-0
    Quinn: 2-0 (first win over G&G)
    Patrick: 1-1
    Janice: 1-1

    Round 3: Kevin L.

    I have good start, so did he with Claydol working T2. It stayed fairly even for first few turns. I avoided being Ploxed. But eventually he gets Plox on and I only have a Lone Motar Ex available. I can't find my Scrambles and am regretting my decission to trust Baltoy for draw power with no other drawing cards other than Dexes. No real misplays on my part, but he top decks a Warp point to push Kiss to my bench and knock out my powered up Mortar to end the game.

    Me: 2-1
    Quinn: 2-1
    Patrick: 2-1
    Janice: 1-2

    Round 4: Renee Palkia / Empoleon

    Renne is a relatively new player, and she had lost to my wife in Round 1. She gave me 4 muligans, and she went first. I dropped Kiss on T1 and netted 5 or 6 energies to attach to Kiss and Magmar. I went after her Lone Prinplup T1 but rolled tails so only 40 damage. She attached, evolved to Prinplup dropped a buffer piece and Pecked for 10. I hit with Air Scroll again, tails. So now she's at 60 on Prinplup. She doesn't draw a basic so that the game.

    I'm done and have 3-1 record.
    Quinn loses last round to a starter deck, lone Chatot Mimics three times and finds no basics or Supporters. He ends 2-2
    Patrick wins final game ends 3-1
    Janice wins final game ends 2-2.

    T4: AJ - Plox

    AJ travelled up from Ohio to play our BRs, so this was going to be neat playing someone from outside our Meta.

    Game 1: Bad start for him, worse for me. I start Togepi and fail to find friend. He gets me Ploxed before I get Claydol out. I can't get set-up. I get a couple of Motars going at various times, but without being able to drop a Kiss he is able to work around me. It's kind of like watching a master craftmen as he dismantles my deck, we finish in just under 20 minutes

    Game 2: Perfect Start for Me so I choose to go second, and get Claydol up T1. Of course he manages to Plox me T2, so its absolutely no good. It looks like its going to be over before it begins, but as a last ditch effort I get Togepi up against Gardy X, and put him to sleep. He can't wake up, until I have a Mag X up and going, I get a couple of prize cards back, but I can't overcome the lead and he finishes me off.

    I end up in fourth place, best finish of the year!! -- Now pack up quick and down the road to ....


    Quinn Switches to Plox
    I switch to Mothim/Wormadam
    Rest of the family stays with their morning decks

    Round 1: Linda ? Lucario + Friends?

    T2 Mothim with 2 Wormadam in Play. The game lasts longer than I'd thought owing to Stancing Lucario Lvl X's, but I've always got a fresh Mothim ready to go and with Fight resistance they take more than one hit. Score one win for my red face paint.

    Me: 1-0
    Quinn: 0-1 (T3 loss to his brother, uggh)
    Patrick: 1-0
    Janice: 0-1

    Round 2: Sean R. Empoleon/Fossil

    For what its worth, my season has been plagued by two players, Sean and Kevin L (see Etobicoke match 3) But, with Sean, if I lose to him at any point in the tourney, I don't win another game. I had hoped that today would be different. Probably the most interesting deck build I ran across today. An early Aerodactyl shut down my T2 Claydol. I miss-judged the deck build too, not expecting the Omastar and allowing myself to be hit for double knock out after losing two benched Wormadam and reducing me to hitting for 40 rather than 90. And once again, losing to Sean set up the rest of my day. No more wins to be had!

    Me: 1-1
    Quinn: 1-1
    Patrick: 2-0
    Janice: 0-2

    Round 3: AJ Plox

    Read T4 of Etobicoke, Plox'd before deck was set-up. Couldn't keep up with out Claydol operating. Once again it was like the fascination of watching a car wreck as he systematically took my deck apart. This was a 6-0 loss.

    Me: 1-2
    Quinn: 2-1
    Patrick: 2-1
    Janice: 0-3 (Ouch, but there were an even number of players so no last round bye)

    Round 4: Paul A. Infernal-Egg

    I couldn't ask for a better final match for a game that I knew really didn't mean anything. I've had Super Burmy out to League a few times and I've taken apart a couple of his good decks with it before. Good start with Baltoy and T2 Claydol, but two T2 Blissey w/CC broke down deck, Mothim became easy pickings for Blissey and game ended once two infernape were in play. This was another 6-0 loss. Thx Sean, once again you have proven your curse cabablity. After our game I didn't pick up another prize card!!

    Me: 1-3
    Quinn: 3-1
    Patrick: 3-1
    Janice: 1-3

    We'll that was it, once the tie breaks were settled there was only a T2 cut for Juniors again, so that was it for our day.

    Family Total:

    Quinn: 2-2 (6th) / 3-1 (3rd) [Loss 3 points]
    Patrick: 3-1 (3rd) / 3-1 (4th) [Gain 17 points]
    Janice: 2-2 (8th) / 1-3 (Bad) [Gain 2 points]
    Me: 3-1 (4th/Top Cut!!) / 1-3 (Bad) [Gain 12 points]


    Top Cut
    Patrick's Infernape deck proves that it can work, taking out his older brother in the first round in Hamilton.

    Gardevoir psychic lock attack, can someone please make it go away!!

    Thx for reading...
  2. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Great job Terry, hopefully you can come 1st at a BR soon:p
  3. DreamChaser AJ

    DreamChaser AJ New Member

    Good job this weekend Terry! It was a pleasure getting to play and meet you and your family!
  4. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    I'm sorry Terry! I don't mean to be such a curse. I suspect you'll get your revenge next year, or at G-town/Sauga BR if you play either. I'm glad to hear my Fossil's suprised you, makes the deck more fun

    I'm suprised I'm not in your slops "Sean Robinson, please make him go away" =P

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