Etobicoke (Toronto) City Championships - Raid FTW

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by sar86, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    Matt and I got driven to Etobicoke by Charles for todays CC. We got there quite early and got registered right away. Matt, Geneses, and I saw that they had SW packs, 3 for $10, so we ended up buying 28 packs, to finish off a box, hoping to pull the lv X. Unfortunatly we got nothing. Coleman got in some trouble today for not keeping his mouth shut, which made a ton of people happy. Before the tournament he decided to mention that I wasn't a threat to do anything today... (though he went 1-3... so i guess everyone is really a threat to him) I finally decided to ditch the deck that I used at the last 2 CC's and play Dark Wing Duck.

    Today there was 14 Masters, 9 Seniors, and 26? Juniors.
    The masters had 4 rounds of swiss with a top 4 cut

    Round 1
    DWD vs Matt K - Garde/lade
    I get off to a terrible start, while Matt gets set up really quickly. He had taken a couple prizes and was in firm control until Coleman, who was watching the match blurted out a misplay that Matt made, that neither of us realized had happened. Unfortunatly for Matt, that completly turned the game around and I came back for the victory. It's a win, but it's not a win I'm proud of.

    Round 2
    DWD vs Geneses P - Electivre/Ampharos
    On his First turn Geneses played a candy to get Ampharos out, meaning i took damage for every supporter i played the whole game. Fortunatly for me I got his hand to 0 by turn 3. From that point on I had total control and beat him down with my Krows.

    Round 3
    DWD vs Sebastian S - Lucario/Lanturn
    I got his hand down to 0 by turn 3 with absol, but I had no supporters to really help get setup. I took a couple of early prizes still, but eventually he drew a copycat and started to turn the game around. It came down to one prize each. On my turn he had an active Lucario lvX which used stance the previous turn, and had 50HP remaining, and a undamaged Lanturn with a double rainbow on the bench. I had a fully charged Honchkrow lvX active with 50HP remaining, and a benched Absol with one energy. I attached a strength charm to my Krow, and warp pointed his Lucario out, and retreated my Absol to bring back out my Honchkrow. I played a wager, won the wager, and drew the special dark I needed for the kill of his Lanturn.

    Round 4
    DWD vs David H - Fly/vire
    David started with a lone castform, went first and did nothing, on my turn I started with an absol in play and in my hand. I played my Absol from my hand, warp pointed it out, attached a special dark and used Raid FTW

    Top 4
    1st Sean R - Krow
    2nd Sebastian S - Lucario/Lanturn
    3rd Matt K - Garde/lade
    4th David H - Fly/vire

    Geneses finished 5th, he and David had the same opponens %, but me missed out by opponents opponents %. Tough Break Geneses

    Round 5
    DWD vs David H - Fly/vire
    David started with two Elekids, I started with an Absol in play, an Absol, Warp Point & dark energy in my hand, and a Roseanne's in my hand. By turn 2 I raided both his elekid's FTW.

    Round 6 - FINALS
    DWD vs Matt K - Garde/lade
    GAME 1
    For starters both of my Honchkrows were prized. It took a Raid for 50, and a Hide Crowd to kill his Stantler to take a prize, which was a Honchkrow *whew* and from there on it went my way, as he never really got anything setup due to lack of supporters.

    GAME 2
    T1 Warp Point, Raid with a special dark & a strength charm to kill his Ralts FTW.

    well just props for Absol in general
    Matt for coming in 2nd
    Finally winning a CC
    Getting a medal

    Coleman for not shutting his trap
    Matt and I opened over 1 box worth of cards, and pulled no Lv X
    So many misplays I made!!
  2. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    Props for keeping the bird flying!

    I have never had the chance to do raid that many times. That is awesome!
  3. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Coleman for not shutting his trap LOLZ:)

    Good Job on the 1st Sean:p I came 1st in Angus.
  4. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    Congrats Zach, who finished 3rd/4th?
  5. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    3rd Brian Cresswell
    4th Troy Nayler

    Good Job for you winning with DWD:) I hope to see you at Missisauga (I finally got my points from Oakville and I am definately going up from Angus so :p)
  6. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    Good job. At my tourneys, we get packs for $3 a piece. So, 3 packs for $9 on an everyday basis...
  7. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    Good job going undefeated that's awesome. Man do i hate that deck.... that and gardy/ade... nice work with with the hand controls and the warp raids makes me laugh everytime you did it.

    and that, so obvious, stance misplay that should've been called :lol:

    on for my side... i forever hate pikachu :tongue:
  8. Throne0fLegends

    Throne0fLegends New Member

    Yea.. I forgot I had a tourny today, so I had to make due with something else. It's amazing what a sharpedo and a gyarados can do. Horrah. Anywayssss onto my next post under the Angus one.

    KEY NOTE: I KOED AN ABSOL WITH MY STANTLER IN THE FINALS. 20 , confuse miss 30, 20 again, KO.. lesson to be learned? Don't mess with Santa.
  9. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    That was disgusting. I was too ashamed to mention it =P

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