Exeggcute & Zorark GX Trade

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  1. MyAlterLego

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    When you use the Exeggcute ability and pick it up into your hand then discard it as part of the Trade Ability of Zoroark, can you reuse that for multiple Zoroark's? When it goes into your hand it is unknown to the opponent to technically there is no way to tell...
    Saw this happen at a local League Cup so looking for validation on the ruling.
  2. treyh37

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    from the compendium

    basically when you use propagation to put it back into your hand it goes from a known area (the discard) to an unknown area (your hand) and in an unknown area the game loses track of it and that its ability was used, so that propagation can be used multiple times in a turn.

    so what you saw at league cup using one exeggcute for multiple uses of trade is a valid play.

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