Exeggutor Deckout

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  1. Gunwing

    Gunwing New Member

    Has anybody tried to draw as many cards as possible (perhaps with 4 dodrios, prof oak visit, etc) and then use psychic strategy to make your opponent deck out ?

    I'm trying a deck like this, I have no clue if it's possible or not. With an amulet coin attached to my staller (dialga g lvx + poketurns and special metal) + 4 dodrios on the bench, buck's and Prof oak visit I can draw up to 7 cards per turn. Then at the last moment I want to use psychic strategy.

    What do you think ?
  2. ragingphantom

    ragingphantom New Member

    The card says "Each player draws up to what their opponent's hand size was" (summarizing the second part basically).

    So they don't have to deck themselves out if they don't want to. Good try, but the "up to" part ruins a lot of deck out strats that involve force drawing.
  3. Gunwing

    Gunwing New Member

    never mind then...

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