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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Mew35, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. Mew35

    Mew35 Member

    Hi i haven't dione muuch trading since what I need ischeaper on Ebay then sendingcosts
    But here are a few Needs

    I want my Gardielade totla Japanese so here's what I need for that

    1 x Galade SW japanese or 3 x pop 7 japanese

    1 x duskull dp 1 japanese
    3 x Absol SW japanese
    2 x warppoint any set after dp japanese (prefer the last set because of the Munch on it )
    4 x Team Galactics mars
    2 x lake Boundry

    Munchlax promo and the last set one
    I need especialy the holo japanese promo one

    Flareon * japanese
    Vaporeon * japanese

    I have a lot to trade to much to post here

    But I will give a rare holofoil for one of the japanese deckcards

    I live i holland so you must be able to send outside Usa
    I have over 100 refs so don't expect me to send first

    A few haves are

    Garedevoir and Galade sw

    at least good good deck cards
  2. codyrocks1995

    codyrocks1995 New Member

    i sent u a pm
    talking abt what i would trade
  3. Mew35

    Mew35 Member

    i have replied
    So as if this goes right only the Team Galactics mars'to go
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