FireFighter095ReBorn's Long,wild and fun ECSC report

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  1. Ok this i gonna be a while becuse i ahve a fun trip to talk about so bear with me. Here we go so strap in,settle down and have fun with this.

    Day 1,Friday: I get up and get ready at 8 am. Ray and steve come and get me and we get on the way. We figure the first 2 hours are good and after a stop we get on the road again but get caught by TRAFFFIC!! >< After that we find out that in total we paid $30 in tolls and that wasent before the last $7 in tolls to maryland. Ray wasent too happy with the tool count but hey we all helped him out on the way. We get over the border of jersey to baltimore and find even MOREEEEEE traffic. We get past it all and stop for our 3rd and last time to relax before the final leg of the trip. We all get in and finally find the quality inn. We check in and find for $89 its quite a room. Mini fridge,microwave,big bed,pull out couch,tv and a nice table that is suitable for card playing and low enough to sit on the floor to play :D We run into a small kid who plays yu-gi-oh and as me and steve get final things from the car, ray plays a game or two with him. We get our stuff in and decide to scoop out the poke players. We run into a few but no one from the gym yet. We play a few games and then get dinner. As we go to order we run into the famous,Sensei and his crew. He is checking in and i tell him the room is HUGE. He goes to check it out as we go to order. We decide to get ray and head back for 1 hour. We get a pizza and sticks from a place call starvin marvin's. GREAT PIZZA!!!!! Tastiest pizza we all had in some time. As steve and ray play a game of battle cards i watch but get tired after a small while and decide to pack up and move downstairs again. This time we run into alot of gym members. I remember playing one guy and his gardy deck. I lost 2 and won 1. Then i run into the fomous. PokePop. i play him once and win. he then playes his gardy deck and we play till sensei announces a tournament tonight. Free admission and a box for prizes. Pop and i have to stop to sign up and we both decide he wins by a 4-2 prize count and advantage. We sign up and by the time it starts there are 27 peopel signed up. Sensei breaks down the box to top 16 players.

    Fun modified tournmant run by sensei:
    My gardy walks in and dosent do too bad

    round 1:
    I waited for my opponenet and mike says: joe,you have the bye. i sream "woohoo" and walk upstairs to put my bag away and get some weight from my pockets. I come back down with my snorlax plushie and a camera. I take a top terrace pic of the field. Good shot juts not the full field >< I get down to watch steve lose a heartbreaker with his shfitry to heidi craig and her bex. Off to round 2:
    Round 2 vs john johnson(mozartrules)
    He playes a wierd cradily/ninetails safeguard deck. I start off with ralts vs root fossil. Quickly he gets the cradily built as gardy comes to the field. I drag up vulpix but dont get the 3rd part of the combo to destroy it and he gets the assencion into ninetails. I fight hard to retaliate but cradily gets my lone wobbuffet up and its posioned. I switch it and try for a gardy again and get it. I hit him but next turn he gets my wobbuffet up again and this time no way out. I watch while turn by turn it gets punded by poison and i cant get my energy. It ends slowly as his ninetails takes out the rest of my power and he wins

    Round 3 vs ???
    I completly cant rememebr round 3 other then i id get the victory and the last one of the night
    Round 4 vs ???
    I walk in to the far corner to face my next opponent,sorry that i cant rember your name. He played gardy,gorybess swarm. He gets the 2nd turn gorybess and i has NO CHANCE IN HELL!!!!!! Every turn it went froim 80 up to 130 and when gardy ex came up it his for 40 but next turn it was a shot for 170!!! In 6 turns he had a final shot for 230 damamge and the win. It was sick how i was bashed but it gave me a lesson on gardy/gorybess ill never forget
    Round 5 vs Vinny (vinnyboomboom)
    He played forced evo kindra/kindra ex
    I got a slow start as he got kindra. i got a decent pick up but he foced evolution 2 kindra with wally's training by turn 3. he litrully wiped the floor with me. I retaliated a little but vinny whooped gardy's tail and showed me that speed normally can over power most decks.

    I ened 14th out of 18 remaning players place and got a pack. I cant believe i got a pack and brought ray his pack. i pulled machamp r/h and a gorybess and he pulls the hard to find regirock ex. I was like AHHHH NOOO!!! I had the regirock pack and he was handed it ><. I smiled and said congrats on the pull ray as we all headed back to the room for the night. We got some sleep besides me that as up most of the nigh. I got 4 hours of sleep that night

    Day 2: Saturday
    I get up at 6:30 am and get ready. im getting dressed and washing up. I Leave for breakfast and the poke playesrs start to decend just as i got i sit and eat. Ray and steve still sleeping i finish and head back up. Its 7 am so i pack my stuff for the car and get it in there. I come back and start to pace around thinking of the importance of this last shot. I get everyone up and we all geat packed to check out. when i told about the breakfast bacon came up and ray sat up like the undertaker by the sound of bacon. We check out and load the car. Steve and ray eat while i get an orange and sit back down. Ray has a plate full of bacon and now i know why he sat up like that. Sensei is getting preped with pokepop,pokemebob and some judge staff. They havent got to the room yet,they are eating breakfast, so to bug him i come over and say: you should be in there,your late. he lauges and we joke around for a few seconds before he gets preped to enter the room and get set. I run into feraligatr and he shows me some of the door prizes. The gamecube pakage is nice an they also have a coluseum game up for grabs :D The doors open and pre reg starts. The registration was long but interesting. In other post you can find the exact #'s of atendance for the ECSC. I get in and by some things from the local dealer there including 3 packs that had nothing good in them. I meet this guy named jake that had a kid in the 10-. He wants to enter 15+ but havent played alot of pokemon and has a 7:00 pm flight. He playes me and has a win by a good start. I decide to play his son and beat his aqua deck but almost lose to it. Jake decides to play and we both say good luck as the rounds start: Here how my deck runs:

    Pound and ground:
    4 ralts
    3 kirlia
    2 gardy ex
    2 gardevoir
    3 dunsparce
    2 wobbufett
    3 wynauts

    3 rare candy
    3 tv reports
    2 steves advice
    3 professor oaks research
    3 professor elms training method
    2 pokemon reversal
    2 switch
    2 magnetic storm
    2 ancient technical machine(rock)
    4 boost
    15 physcic

    Here is the rounds i had: I dont remember alll my opponenets so if i dont ill place thier deck in thier name lsot

    Round 1 vs straight blaze/blaze ex
    This was an interesting battle. I got the slow start against him and he pulled off an amazing start with blaze. I got the gardy and attemped one shot at a blaze ex slow up but the reversal failed and he pulled off the monster shot. I got the dunsparce but no enrgy and he eventually won blowing away my fianl few pieces of the puzzle.

    Round 2 vs crobat
    I walked in with a little confidence thinking maybe it was a bad start. I get a fast start on crobat but the triple poison was soaking gardy ex fast. I got the professor elms training method and found out after losing one gardy and the other one a victim of the poison my the 2 were in my prizes. im screwed and have no esacpe from the end. I tried to get wobbuffet powered but he slowly took that out and i had no way out. I was killed off by freak bad luck of shuffling 3 gardys off to the prize pile.

    Now the pressure is on to win a game:
    Round 3 vs regiice ex/crawdunt
    This game was a slow start for him and a fast run for me. I got my grady up against him and he tried fighting it off but it was too powerful. He got regiice up as his last pokemon but rolled tails and i used the physhadow to get the remaining energy to his boost fro the end.
    Afterwards we played for fun and i beat him again but he was at his best and played a great fight.

    Round 4
    A little more confident i get to play jeff again and thsi time it counts:
    He playes magma groundon/aggron

    The start is on my deck and i get a good start going. I get gardy ex up quick and start rolling getting a prize. The problem is i also get the kirlia with elm's training. The downfall is i get SCREWED again finding all 3 gardy's in my prizes. I think well gardy ex can hold out but one lucky triple flip later on the groudon crush and he gets 90 damage on my with aggron. I muscle a 2nd prize but he gets gardy down and i try to fight with wobbuffet. I am energy drained at this point in time. NO energy for 6 turnd with 2 ATM rock's in my hand and 3 evolutins down. I have his aggron at 9 damaage counters and need an energy. I lose after a 7th and final shot but the worst part was if i had 1 more turn i would of pulled the wobbuffet to evolve my damaged wynaut and heal it and after i would of got the energy for my ATM rock and next was oka's research so i was flatlined by one turn

    Round 4 vs ninetails
    I get the 2nd turn start. I watch him slowly build as i pull up with gardevoir ex and he easily starts complaining when i reversal his vulpix and get the boost phystorm off. I start to knock off his pokemon and he really gtes in a rant about the tablecloth and how the dice dont roll on them. This guy says the judges are the worst in the game ever and how next round he will eliminate the cloth from his area. he dident even let me finish the game. He just stopped and said you win and dropped the hand. We went to record the reults and said to sensei,cant we get rid of the cloth. Sensei said no and the guy looked almost in mike's face and said next round it will be gone from my play area. I said good luck next round but he walked away. i dont mind a win but when you have bad sportmenship in the game it sux to even play.

    Round 4 vs Timothy wolf
    I am sorry i cant remember the match. I do remember it was a few turn win and a good start i just cant remember the match,sorry tim

    I end in tie for 39th place and i wait to see if my buddy ray rufa makes top 16. He is 14th and me and steve cheer up a storm for him. He gets into deck check to get the top 16 started.

    We both relax and hang out as the door prizes are awarded. It was fun to watch the prizes won,i dident win but steve won a t-shirt that dosent fit him so he was gonna give it to his sister jackie :)
    We find out steve got the closest in the guess the damage counter game. the # was 692 and he guesed 688. He gets the wishmaker DVD that he dosent yet have. he is like "YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"
    We all cheer him on and now the top 16 begin. This is weird becuause we thought ray was suppose to play 3rd place but instead due to tie breakers by the computer he faces chris Fulopp(i know teh lkast name is probabily spelled worng,sorry) and metagross. If ray had to face one deck he COULD NOT beat it was metagross/metagorss ex. I wathced with steve from every angle possible as he was slolwy taken apart by chris and at the end chris won 2-0 against ray and even whne ray did his famous 100 damage it was reduced to 30 ><. What a way to go out with a bang. Afterwards we congradulated chris and said good luck as we said to ray,nice try and went off to trade. We found syther trainer and little pichu hagning out so ray traded with syther as pichu was working with vince to find a stealer in the room. This kid was a thief stealing stuff stuff from the judge table at a time and walking away it to his car for dumping so he can get more. Finally the judge lady caught him and sensei baned him from the event and kicked him out. His dad was ticked off but it was so late that it dident matter anymore. After ray's trade i traded alot with syther for the pokemon colusseum that he won. He had one and was gonna sell it so i traded him $25 worth of cards for it. I traded a: regirock ex,holo sablyeye,reverse holo torchic,holo exploud and 3 other holos i cant remember I dont have it so now i have a reason to re attach my gamecube :D

    At the end we leave for him and get on the road. After a small traffic jam we get out. I sleep for 3 1/2 hours and wake up at the broder of Ny when ray and steve stop for a break. We get back on the road looking for food. We get to new paltz 1 1/2 hours hours later to find the restaurant ray recomends is on nightclub that night so a buncer blocks the door and lets in all 21+ people. In a little dissapointment after all ray said about the resturant we eat at the pizza shack down the street. Good pizza and a packman game that we all play atleast 2 times. We get done and leave to drop off steve just outside albany. 1 hour later he is dropped off and ray heads back towards catskill,cairo area. We talk back roads and his car is on the death track. We almost hit a poll in front of a cemetary(a little creepy),almost hit the follwing animals: 3 deer,a racoon,2 possoms and a bat. It was a wild ride home but atleast one of the family cats dident give the death car a run. I make it back and say my goodbye till thursday.

    This is the greatest stadium challenge ive ever been too and ive been to 4 im my life. Sensei keps his promise of keeping the rounds stright ahead and no problems . The only mistake was a 10 minute player mistake that the program dident cause. The rounds were perfect and the swiss only went for a total of 6 hours with lunch break. Great timing sensei and a great job with the tournmant.
    Major thanks to all the judges and to the pep from POP for his great support and watchful eyes.

    Sensei for running what i saw as #1 stadium challenge ever and for keeping the rounds,fast clean and on track with no delays. also thnks for the great badge.

    POP Pete: For your watchful eyes,friendly attitude and hard work in making sure everything ran as planned with no glitches and also for the shirts you donated as door prizes. Steve k won one and i gotta admit,nice shirts

    Mr Grass: One great job you did was take the time to play phyduck and have a blast. I got 3 pics of you on costume and almost one of spraying a kid with watergun. I hope you get the judge spot at worlds, you deserve it as much as any judge does. Great job judging and for being a fun sport all the way through.

    Heidi craig and the serious judge in the virginia tech jacket who's name i still cant remember:
    Both of you did an awesome job in your judging and kept all players who were done away so to keep rounds as good as they can be with no distractions. Did top 16 with great care.

    PokePop: Greeat judging job out there. Thansk for the battles the night before. It was fun facing you again and you did an excellent judging a job all the way throught the tournament.

    Jake ?(the guy in the black harly shirt)-You are a cool guy to play against in and out of the tournamnt. I hope you get some nice stuff from the aqua box and if you go into the grinder do play your magma deck. Its a nasty deck to have to contend with and you can get the invite if you try for it. Good luck and ill see ya in florida.

    John Johnson-Great job with your origional deck of cradilly/ninetails. I played by you one round and got to glimse at your battle. If you go to worlds you should aslo try the grinder. I bet that would get an invite because its hard to fight off.

    No Slops whatsoever!

    Sensei thanks again for making this the BEAST of the stadium challenges. it was great to make it and it was the best $120 i ever spent on a trip to a pokemon event

    See ya at worlds!
    From probabily the only New Yorker who will pay His Way To Worlds!
    Firefighter095ReBorn (AKA: Hardcore Joe)
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  2. Physics Squirrel

    Physics Squirrel New Member

    How about slops to whoever that thief was.
    My sister's Gardy deck was stolen. :mad:

    Better luck next time. I made 11th place with Swampert Suicune ex in 15+.
  3. I palced in the report about the thief but i didnet think of puttintg him in the slops. Thanks for the catch phy. Good job on 11th and hope to see ya down in orlando next month.
  4. Whicker

    Whicker New Member

    sounds like you had a great time
    too bad you didn't make the cut
    hopefully I'll be seeing ya in the main event at Worlds
  5. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    I was the Dad you played w/ the rogue Gardy/TA Walreign deck. I enjoyed playing and meeting you. (I also played you w/ my son's Machamp deck before it got the Regirock's in it.

    Dood report. Glad you had fun!


  6. Ahh yeha i remmeber you. You wer a cool guy to meet and play against and meet. I hope you get into the championship event. Ill be fighting in the grinder for an invite. Hope to see ya there
  7. Mr. Grass

    Mr. Grass New Member

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Everyone always seems to get a big kick out of the duck and I enjoy doing it. Hopefully Psyduck will be able to fly south for worlds, but we'll see.

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