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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by goldedda, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    This was my first battle roads i went to, so why not make a report about it. I am a senior player. I wake up in saturday a little bit late but came right on time to the battle roads in fountain valley,ca. beacause we only had 4 senor plater we had to play with the ywo junior players:nonono:

    Deck: Garadellade=Gallade,gardevoir,gyarados, and tech)
    Rounds 3
    No top cut

    1 match: me vs.Derek M.(mag/thy/claydol)
    so it start normal, have a ralts out and he a pachi he CFF, and i make him asleep, get the fast gardevoir on mt bench and the fast gyarados and taking prizes was time, but then he gets the mag with thy was for me at the beginning no problem but then he gets CRAWDAWNT EX out that ruined my whole game:nonono: So i lost at the end. could bring up another gyarados and gallade but it was to late.GG


    2 match: ME vs Brandon (theme deck) (junior)
    this was the easiest match of the day! get a T2 gallde and start KOing his pokemon.


    3 match: me vs johhny(theme deck) (junior, brother of Brandon)
    Another easy match match, got a T3 gardevoir and KO until he has no more bench pokemon.


    So am i second am I nooo i am third my friend got second because he played harder opponents. but at leats he got second:biggrin:

    played smash bros. after tournament
    cards traded for gardi lv.x
    get soon from someone tsd
    my friend gave me his random goodness ball(beach ball, looks like a pokeball)
    winning against crisbo

    not winning
    matt late showing up
    not many people were there
    easy opponents besides derek
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  2. GKOTM

    GKOTM Member

    Derek and I came up with and playtested the Crawdaunt ex in Magmortar idea for a couple of weeks and figured it'll work because it's a bit weird. It works on me too. :nonono:

    I know what getting third feels like :/

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