first shot at a blissvire

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by pyrot53, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    4 blissey
    4 chancey
    1 electivire lv x
    2 electivire DP
    1 electivire SW
    3 electauzz DF
    3 elekid DP
    1 rayquazza ex DF


    3 TV reporter
    3 castaway
    3 holon mentor
    3 celios network
    1 roseeannes research
    1 team galactics wager
    3 plus power
    3 windstorm
    2 warp point
    1 Time Space Distortion
    2 strength charm


    9 electric
    4 boost
    2 DRE
    1 scramble


    So the strategy is to start with the blissey and get a quick start and then after that gets knocked we have elective which can get the poer he needs from discarding his energy and getting some of them back with the SW electivire. for a quick power up with another 120 electivires giga impact. rayquaza is in there for the lucario match up that i will be most likely down on prizes and can do 7 0a turn and not weak against him AND a lot of hp.
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  2. you sure this is your first shot at blissvire? the list looks very solid and good! :thumb:
    good luck! :)

    p.s maybe take the Ray ex out, i didn't like the idea
    maybe add in a switch :)
  3. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    well i looked around a little at what seems to be good and am an experienced flyvire but wanted to add my pink friends in lol. i will try that if i see a lot of harm coming with certain decks ill keep ray (if i can tell that there will be lots of lucario variants) if not ill brobably put a switch or a warp point in
  4. waterblast

    waterblast New Member

    Personally, i don't like this combo very much. I prefer a delcatty build much better. Is faster and easier to set up.

    but here is what i think....

    + 1 roseannes

    - 1 pluspower

    you have strengh charm already..

    other than that, it looks like a very solid deck! Keep it up!
  5. tc19930815

    tc19930815 New Member

    -1 Electivire LvX -1 Electivire DP +2 Electivire SW -1 Ray ex d -3 Electabuzz DP +4 Electabuzz d
  6. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Looks good but maybe 1/2 Electivire SW instead of the DP one and if you have TSD take out Night Maintenance for it.
  7. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    updated a little but with some of your guys great suggestions
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