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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Ho Megas Alexandros, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Ho Megas Alexandros

    Ho Megas Alexandros New Member

    Allright people have alot of names for the deck I was playing, but i personally like to call it PLOX. It's short for Gardy's attack: Psychic LOCK.

    Round 1 - Magmortar 1-0
    Never really saw a magmortar, except for maybe once... though i managed to use one of my Gust of winds(warp) and KO'd the threat. I might have broken my Plox in this game, but I don't think it mattered at that point.

    Round 2 - Riolu 2-0
    Weakness to psychic and vulnerable to the WARP! Took out two Riolu's with energy and it was game.

    Round 3 - Aaron Curry 3-0
    Wasn't sure what i was getting into. I was already aware that he's tested against decks just like mine. I managed to win enough rock paper scissors to lock him down. He couldnt get out another attacker to respond and it was game.

    Round 4 - Ryan Vergel 4-0
    Exact mirror (he's my roommate). He starts with pachi/noenergy, I warp out his only benched pokemon(gardy) and Ploxed him instantly. He knows the outcome immediately and scoops.

    Round 5 - Omar 5-0
    Wrecked him with my Gallade. Brought down the last prize. It was a tough one. He was soo confident that he could beat me too. I even thought he was going to beat me too, but i never let him in on that and decided to talk trash the whole time instead..

    Round 6 - Jokerboi 5-1
    An auto loss!!! He beats me on time (bannette is a T2 deck). We play it out and i took it down to the last prize, but an auto loss is an auto loss.

    Round 7 - Miami Mike 6-1
    Gardy varient. Loses to early Plox that never breaks.

    Top Cuts:

    Top 8 - Gatr 8-1
    Game 1: Didn't break the Plox.
    Game 2: Turn w/e Plox. He ended up Psychic Balancing for 18 cards (My hand was huge), I tried to not be rude by waiting till he finished drawing to just wager his hand back into the deck. But I did immediately wager and removed his only energy in play and continued the Plox.

    Top 4 - Miami Mike10-1
    Game 1: Never ever broke the Plox.
    Game 2: He locked me first, then i next turn dropped the lake boundry on him and took out all his energy in play and locked him. Stayed locked whole game. It had been a long day at this point and I messed up a few times forgetting what powers and supporters i had used, so i ended up not using them for the last few turns so i wouldn't get penalized.

    Top 2 - Jokeboi (bannette) 11-3
    Game 1 - I already have played him for a good amount of time. We played out the swiss match after time was called to see how close it was going to be. This game however wasn't close at all. He had taken 4 prizes and somehow had THREE bannettes powered up. SCOOP

    Game 2 - I have no IDEA how i pulled this out, but I won. Used the cool old bringdown last prize trick. (KO's benched shuppet everytime.)

    Game 3 - He got out t2 bannette I use mad trix to knock out shuppets so bannette cant just do 80 everyturn. Then i did him dirty with a warp, evolve, attach energy to CLAYDOL KO Shuppet. Judges seemed to think it was funny, but ector didnt. Too bad it wasnt enough and i autolost.

    Now for the props:
    The people who let us borrow cards (again):
    John and Steve
    Heidi and Miranda
    (I still have your Lake Boundry)
    Randy for going positive.
    Bianchi for coming in 3rd.
    Ector for giving it to all the gardy player without consent.
    Heidi for hosting and the DIE, I love them. Customized Florida State Championship Dice!!
    Team R Core for being four out of the top 8 ( Bianchi, Omar, Ryan and I)
    Judges for keeping me awake :D
    Miami Mike for being a great trainer.

    Ector for giving it to me the hardest without my consent.
    Jorge having to play against Bastiodon with bannette. LOLZ
    Weavile.... WHERE were you?!!
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  2. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi New Member

    Congrats on second place! You played that Gardy deck really well. Those top 2 games where SO intense, I was like OMG warp point? Claydol? KO shuppet? I hope to see you at regionals.
  3. galonso

    galonso New Member

    Congrats man! It was a pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you again in the future.
  4. eauxmar

    eauxmar New Member


    "You think you're going to win!? HAHA, yeah right...you're NOT going to win."

  5. Martian

    Martian Member

    It wasn't as if I WASN'T expecting it! (TGW)

    Just needed a good shuffle!

    Thought I had a chance early in game 2 but then never drew what I needed.

    Congrats on your finish.


    PS: I'm really starting to despise all things purple!:tongue:
  6. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    But how can you despise a innocent, harmless little Ralts? :wink:
  7. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    you and i are bounded by something special, alex

    good stuff

    edit: ask zach, i told him a couple days before states that plox looked REALLY good and he said no :(
  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Alex, please bow down to your Daddy (Bolt).

    Gj Alex. :)
  9. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    Title is slightly deceiving lol, but congratz on your finish =D
  10. Ho Megas Alexandros

    Ho Megas Alexandros New Member

    Thanks everybody for the support. My battle wounds are still healing from the intense banette beatdown.

    Georgia, get ready for some fire!!!

    PS. Bolt, why did you leave mom?
  11. the_sniper

    the_sniper New Member

    conrats. Alex-g/j man!!

    Same to Ryan and Bianchi.

    I knew you guys had something Friday afternoon.

    See you in Ga.

  12. Rambo1000

    Rambo1000 New Member

    i said its bdif except for losing to mag, which it does.
  13. Jason

    Jason New Member

    tech in 1-0-1 blasty d if ya worried about bannete =D
  14. Rambo1000

    Rambo1000 New Member

    ThAnkS fOr ThE tIp!!!
  15. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Do I sense sarcasm? :S
  16. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    oh ok, no harm done

    dear alex,


    love, bolt

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