Forest Kings

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    Forest Kings
    4-zangoose (PK)
    2-treecko (GE)
    1-grovyle (GE)
    2-sceptile (GE)
    2-turtwig (DP)
    1-grotle (DP)
    2-torterra (DP)
    1-torterra lv.x (DP)
    3-tangela (GE)
    3-tangrowth (GE)
    4-celio’s network
    4-bebe’s search
    2-team galactic’s wager
    4-rare candy
    2-felicity’s drawing
    2-professor rowan
    4-professor oak’s visit
    2-roseanne’s research

    This deck is mainly just based on being a power house of power. You just set up with zangoose usually set up one sceptile, two torterra, and two tangrowth then once zangoose is K.O.ed bring up torterra and become lv.x then use vigorous dash to start their active pokemon and working their bench then bring up tangrowth and use power whip to clean up whats left.
Thread Status:
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