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  1. eJm

    eJm New Member

    I have made four decks, pretty much from the cards I get, and they are basically 4 different attributes.

    Blaziken (PokeBody) x2
    Combusken x3
    Torchic x4
    Numel x4
    Combusken x3
    Growlithe x3

    NOTE: Might Replace these with 3 Vulpix and 2 Ninetales

    Potion x3
    Professer Birch x3
    Celio's Network x2
    Bill's Matienence x3
    Warp Point x3
    Energy Search x3

    19 Fire Energies

    Venusaur (PokeBody) x2
    Ivysaur x2
    Bulbasaur x4
    Swalot x2
    Sceptile (Pokebody)
    Grovyle x3
    Treeko x4

    Wally's Training x2
    Life Herb x2
    Dual Ball x3
    Potion x2
    Energy Search x2
    Celio's Network x3
    Fieldworker x2
    Switch x2
    Warp Point x2

    17 Grass Energies
    2 Double Rainbow Energies

    Gengar (PokePower)
    Haunter x2
    Gastly x4
    Grunpig x3
    Spoink x4
    Bedlum x3
    Duskull x3

    Pokenav x3
    Double Full Heal x3
    Potion x4
    Wally's Training
    Energy Search x3
    Celio's Network

    18 Psychic Energies
    2 React Energies

    Blastoise (PokeBody)
    Warturtle x2
    Squirtle x4
    Kyorge ex x2
    Sealeo x2
    Spheal x3
    Seadra x2
    Horsea x3
    Luvdisc x2

    Greatball x2
    Professor Cozmo's Discovery
    Pokeball x2
    Potion x4
    Energy Search x4

    24 Water Energies

    So as you can see, these need work. Some might not be 60 but that's only because I haven't really had a full on check until now. What I would like to do is to maybe make just one deck with all the good cards from these four, but I'll leave you guys to decide on that if need be.
  2. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    Please make a seperate thread for each deck. I'm going to lock this topic seeing as it's not really following the rules.

    Not only do none of the decks feature a strategy (please read the deck forum guidelines) but you should only have one deck per thread. Different lists or interpetations may be permitted, but this is a situation with one thread and four very different threads.
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Note that you need to identify what set your pokemon are from.

    "Gengar (PokePower)" could be any one of about 4 different cards.
  4. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    If you have trouble finding particular pokemon, or what sets they are from, might I recommend using

    It's a pokemon TCG search engine. Type in "gengar" for example, and look through the pokemon that you are describing- and then it will have a set name like Team Rocket, which you can abbreviate as TR.
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