Freezer's Thread NEW WANTS [H] 17 different packs of JPN Sleeves + MORE!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Freezer, Apr 3, 2011.

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  1. Freezer

    Freezer New Member



    Sleeves :

    Arceus Sleeves

    Giratina Sleeves

    Shaymin Sleeves

    Black Pokeball Sleeves

    Reshiram/Zekrom Sleeves (64 count)

    Pokemon Card Game Sleeves (64 count)

    Zekrom/Zapdos/Raikou Sleeves (64 count)

    Monster Ball Sleeves (64 count)

    Cobalion/Terrakion/Virizion Sleeves (64 count)

    Darumaka Sleeves (64 count)

    Zoroak Sleeves (64 count)

    Zekrom Sleeves (64 count)

    Reshiram Sleeves (64 count)

    Team Plasma Sleeves (64 count)

    Litwick Sleeves (64 count)

    Energy Sleeves (64 count)

    3 Starter Pokemon Sleeves (64 count)


    Lugia/Ho-Oh Dicebox


    4x STP HGSS Playmat

    2x Poliwrath European Challenge Cup Promo
    3x Poliwhirl Regionals Promo

    2x Zorua & Celebi Jumbo Promo

    I also have Deckboxes, but shipping cost is about $9 for those, which will not be be completly covered by me. If you are still interested LMK and I will send you a list of what I have ;)


    Primes: (NOTE: these may not be updated)
    1x Feraligatr Prime (TIN, GER)
    7x Meganium Prime (4x Booster, GER; 1x Booster, English; 2x TIN, GER)
    5x Ampharos Prime (2x GER, 3x English)
    1x Blissey Prime (ENG)
    7x Typhlosion Prime (1x Booster English; 6x TIN GER)
    1x Houndoom Prime (English)
    1x Crobat Prime (English)
    2x Ursaring Prime (English)
    1x Scizor Prime (GER)
    1x Magnezone Prime (ENG)
    1x Celebi Prime (GER)

    Lv. X: (NOTE: these may not be updated)
    1x Arceus Lv. X #94 (English)
    3x Arceus Lv. X #95 (1x English; 1 GER; 1x TIN, GER)
    4x Salamence Lv. X (3x English, 1x GER)
    2x Charizard Lv. X (1x English, 1x Tin GER)
    2x Rayquaza Lv. X (1x English, 1x Tin GER)
    2x Absol G Lv. X (1x GER, 1x ENG)
    2x Electivire FB Lv. X (1x GER, 1x English)
    2x Garchomp C Lv. X (ENG)
    3x Mismagius Lv. X (1x GER, 2x English)
    1x Alakazam Lv. X (GER)
    1x Drapion Lv. X (GER)
    1x Shaymin Lv. X #127 (TIN GER)
    2x Dialga G Lv. X (1x English, 1x GER)
    1x Gliscor LV. X (English)
    5x Mewtwo Lv. X (3x GER Tin, 1x GER Booster, 1x TIN English)
    3x Rhyperior Lv. X (1x Tin GER, 1x Tin ENG, 1x JPN)
    1x Machamp Lv. X (1x English)
    2x Dusknoir Lv. X (English)
    1x Heatran Lv. X (English)
    1x Garchomp Lv. X (1x JPN)
    5x Darkrai Lv. X (4x TIN GER, 1x TIN English)
    3x Dialga Lv. X (2x Tin GER, 1x Tin English)
    3x Cresselia Lv. X (2x English, 1x GER)
    1x Palkia Lv. X (1x TIN English)
    3x Gardevoir Lv. X (2x GER, 1x English)
    3x Lucario Lv. X (3x TIN GER, 1x Booster GER)
    1x Empoleon Lv. X (TIN GER)
    1x Infernape Lv. X (English)

    2x Flying Pikachu (ENG)
    1x Charon's Choice (ENG)
    1x Wash Rotom (ENG)
    1x Hitmonchan Reprint (Italian)
    2x Voltorb Shiny (ENG)
    1x Blank Card (yellow boarder)

    10x Seeker
    10x Junk Arm
    12x Twins
    16x Rescue Energy
    10x Expert Belt (2x League Promo!)
    20x Bebe's Search (8x League Promo!)
    10x Power Spray
    10x SP Radar
    4x Poketurn
    14x Luxury Ball (1 RH)
    10x Aaron's Collection
    6x Judge (Prof. Promo)
    4x Pokemon Communication
    3x Cyrus Initiative (1 RH)
    4x Rare Candy SANDSTORM RH!!!
    4x Uxie League Promo
    4x Azelf League Promo

    ...ask for others, I have so many more! ;)


    TO CYL!

    4x Mew Prime
    2x Kyogre Groudon Legend Top
    2x Kyogre Groudon Legend Bottom

    High Wants:
    JPN Promos (let me know what you have!)
    all Stars and Shining Pokemon
    Worlds Staff Cards 04-10
    Worlds Sets (All 9 Cards) 04-10
    Stadium Challenge Deoxys
    Championship Arena (Worlds Promo '05)
    COL Shinys (value them at $4.50 ea)

    Medium Wants:
    Celebi Ex UF
    Tyranitar Ex UF
    Scizor Ex UF
    Lugia Ex UF
    Arcanine Ex LM
    Mew Ex LM
    Espeon Ex UF
    Ho-OH Ex UF
    Politoed Ex UF
    Steelix Ex UF
    Mew Ex HP
    Groudon Ex CG
    Salamence Ex PK
    Charizard Ex RG
    Venusaur Ex RG
    Gyarados Ex RG
    Articuno Ex RG
    Zapdos Ex RG
    Moltres Ex RG
    Blastoise Ex RG
    any Ex from Team Aqua vs. Team Magma (except for Cradily Ex)
    Wailord Ex SS

    Low Wants:
    Any Legend-Half
    xXx Pokemon-Collector RH
    xXx DCE RH

    Any Shiny/Reprint
    couple of random holos
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  2. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    cml for youre starter pokemon sleeves and electrc pokemon sleeves
  3. Gengar16

    Gengar16 New Member

    Hey there!

    I have:
    JPN Promos: Full Movie Commeration Set from 2009! LMK if you want this
    Absol Prime, Yanmega Prime Have to check condition but im 100% they are MINT. Never played and went from pack to sleeve.
    I also have Throw ins LOL

    Interested in:
    Pokemon Card Game Sleeves 64 Count
    Magnezone Prime ENG
  4. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    I'm interested in

    x1 sceptile ex (nm) --> which one?
    x1 salamence ex --> which one? mint?


    How much do you value the Set? Is it sealed/in original wrapper?
    I may also be interested in your Lugia (Top).

  5. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    the salamence is delta species and is mint but the sceptiles not
  6. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    Well, I am interested in the Salamence Ex (Dragon Frontiers) but I guess that a little low for any of the sleeves...
  7. Brlb30

    Brlb30 New Member

    Im very interested in your monster ball sleeves! cml!
  8. Gurkzer

    Gurkzer New Member

    Cml for Cobalion/terrakion/Virizion Sleves or Shamin Sleeves

    Your wants :

    Alph Lithograph
    Celebi Prime
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2011
  9. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    its mint i checked but the sceptile is a little non mint
  10. idrumprettywell

    idrumprettywell New Member

    cml for your fighting trio sleeves, pokemon card game sleeves please
  11. Cobolt

    Cobolt New Member

    Heyas, could you CML for:
    Black pokeball sleeves
    Gen V starter sleeves
    HGSS Playmat
    2-4x Broken-Time-Space
    2x Poketurn

    I have a Metal Energy (HGSS), and a Celebi Prime.
  12. Ninjask88

    Ninjask88 <a href="

    Hello I like your Monster Ball Sleeves.

    I do not really have any of your wants but I do have a couple of Tyranitar Prime and Bts along with a Regigigas Promo DP 40.
  13. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    If you give me a link to it, I'll CYL ;)

    Nothing I'd trade for sleeves. Thanks anyways.

    I'm interested in:

    lugia top

    Make me an offer please!

    Didn't see anything, thanks anyways.

    I didn't see anything, sorry.
  14. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    113 - Lugia Legend Top (HGSS)
    122 - Metal Energy (HGSS)
    091 - Absol Prime (TR)
    092 - Celebi Prime (TR)
    098 - Yanmega Prime (TR)

    +5 more Legend Pieces

    Uxie X?
  15. idrumprettywell

    idrumprettywell New Member

    how much do you value crystal kingdra jpn?
  16. Amarinimo

    Amarinimo New Member

    Hi, please CML for a Poliwrath European Challenge promo! Thanks!
  17. Gengar16

    Gengar16 New Member

    The set came in booster packs. I opened it up so I can get the full set. Everything is MINT

  18. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

  19. Brlb30

    Brlb30 New Member

    Freezer! heres my link
  20. GecKoMasTeR

    GecKoMasTeR New Member

    Please CML for 1x Treecko Pokeball #007
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