Freind's SceptGrowth deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Shino Bug Master, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    4 Stantler/Other Starter
    3-3 Tangrowth
    2-1-2 Sceptile
    3-1-3 Togkiess
    Pokemon = 22

    3 Rare Candy
    3 Celio
    3 Roseanne's
    3 POV
    1 Rowan
    1 Scott
    2 Crystal Beach
    2 Night Maintence
    3 PokedexHandy910is
    Trainers = 21

    17 Grass Energy
    Energy = 17

    Tangrowth is the hitter of the deck, with Sceptile making each 1 energ count as 2, letting tangrowth do more damage with Power Whip. Togekiss supplies all the energy Tangrowth should need. The deck definatley needs work, and I'm open for any other starter (other then pachirisu simply because he doesn't have enough). And yes I know the obvious "OMG, iz weak to magmortar, so just advice on the deck is needed.
  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    I don't think Togekiss is needed; Sceptile already does Togekiss's purpose. My list ran well without a Starter, with only a 4-4 Tangrowth line and 4-2-3/1 Sceptile GE/POP4 line. BUT you don't have to do that.

    If you take out the Togekiss, take out the Pokedex and Rowan, and put in a Sceptile POP4, a Treecko, a Ceilio's, a Roseanne's, a POV, 2 Steven's, a Castaway, a Stregth Charm, and 2 Mr. Stone's.
  3. headsrcool

    headsrcool New Member

    Take out the PokedexHandy910is and a Rowen for a 2-2 claydol line, and take out three grass for
    1-0-1 Sceptile pop 4, its sooo good and also one more candy.
    Stantler would be the best starter for this deck,
    Or absol for disruption something this deck does not have that much of.
  4. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    3-3 tangrowth
    3-2-2-1 sceptile GE/OP4
    4 celebi
    1-0-1 togekiss

    14 grass
    2 DRE
    and which friend is playing this?
  5. Steve=0

    Steve=0 New Member

    Pachi is better than Celebi.
    I run version like this:

    3-3 Tangrowth
    3-1-2-1 Sceptile GE/P4
    2-2 Claydol (you need this)
    3/4 Pachi
    1-0-1 Blastoise d/1-1 Dugtrio Cg/1-1 Sunflora SW/Whatever
  6. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    celebi can get 3 energy by T2 and 6 energy by T4-5
  7. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Steve: i already stated on pachi, please read the whole post next time.
    Elekid: I don't think Celebi is all that. I gets 1 extra energy, and has to attach it to itself. Even with his second attack moving evenrgy, he's kind of useless. Moving energy does nothing without something to move it to.
    Arceus: Yeah, I'll see if he will take out the togekiss. He likes it alot though, and he uses it as a back-up attacker for magmortar, though he has yet to beat one.
  8. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Also, Celebi doesn't help you set up AT ALL. It dosen't hurt your opponent, like Absol. So while your opponent gets their T2 Claydol and starts drawing like crazy, probally a T3 Gardevoir/Gallade/Magmortar, you have your Energy on Celebi. You have a smaller Bench, and not set up at all. You'll be lucky to have a T3 Tangrowth/Sceptile. Pachirisu IS the best starter, but Shino Bug Master's friend doesn't have enough. So, I'd go with Stantler, if anything, as your starter.

    Also, is your friend going to take out the Rowan and Pokedexs?
  9. Broccili_ Boy

    Broccili_ Boy New Member

    I'd - 1 Rowan for another Cystal Beach
  10. maddox23

    maddox23 New Member

    The Best Is 4-4 Tangrowth And 3-1-3 Scept With 17 Energy And A Fat Trainer Line. Speed And Power As Mr.raichu Says.
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