HGSS-on FuDGe, a new rogue idea

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Elite_4_Allen, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    Hello guys, and gals. I wanted to share with you guys a new rogue deck that I thought of. I wanted some quick feedback about the list and the strategy of the deck and to possibly make it competitive.

    3 Ferroseed (Pin missile)
    3 Ferrothorn (Gyro Ball)
    3 Gothita (hypnotic gaze)
    2 Gothorita (double slap)
    3 Gothitelle (Magic room)
    2 Doduo
    2 Dotrio
    1 Manaphy
    1 Cleffa
    1 Tyrogue

    3 Pokemon communications
    3 Rare candy
    3 Junk Arm
    3 Pokemon collector
    2 Professor elm's training method
    2 Professor oak's new theory
    2 Copycat
    3 Cheren
    3 Max Potion
    1 Flower shop lady
    8 :metal:
    4:colorless::colorless: (Double Colorless)
    2 Rainbow

    Fairly unrealeased cards:

    Ferrothorn EP:

    :metal: Steel Feelers: 30x
    Flip three coins, this attack does 30 damage times the number of heads.

    :metal::colorless::colorless: Gyro Ball: 60
    Switch this pokemon with one of your benched pokemon, then, your opponent switches their active pokemon with one of their benched pokemon.

    Gothitelle EP:
    :ppowr:: Magic Room:
    As long as this pokemon is your active pokemon, your opponent can not play item cards from his or her hand.

    :colorless::colorless::colorless: Madkinesis 30+
    This attack does 30 damage plus 20 damage for each :psychic: energy attached to this pokemon.

    I think a lot of you see the strategy coming together now. The strategy is to get ferrothorn and gothitelle set up early, then get Dotrio out for a consistent lock of trainers. The deck is very similar to Cursegar, if you were around when that was popular.

    Please give constructive advice, I posted this deck to get new ideas and to help make the list more consistent.
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  2. wulfboy15

    wulfboy15 New Member

    Ah, ha! So I wasn't the only one thinking this!

    *cough* anyway, to the point of the thread...
    The deck list looks solid, with good thick lines of the two main Pokemon that you'll need. The energy lines look good, providing plenty of energy for Ferrothorn while having some energy available for Gothitelle if it absolutely has to attack.

    Though, there are a few things I'd like to suggest. Get rid of the Sage's Training because while it does help thin your deck considerably, it could also force you to discard a much needed card. I'd suggest replacing them with Cheren to get a nice, solid, three card draw. I also feel that switch is unnecessary because you have free retreat on all your Pokemon with Dodrio out. I'd suggest replacing them with Max Potion because Gothitelle will be taking quite the beating since it has to be active for the Item lock to apply and Gothitelle is more than likely not going to have any energy attached to it anyways which helps out a lot. Also, just one last suggestion, maybe take out a single Copycat and put in Flower Shop Lady to get back Gothitelle once it gets knocked out.
    so basically:
    -3 Sage's Training
    -3 Switch
    -1 Copycat

    +3 Cheren
    +3 Max Potion
    +1 Flower Shop Lady
  3. alexmf2

    alexmf2 New Member

    This seems like a pretty good deck, the only problem is a deck based solely on trainer lock wont work very well. Most good decks can still survive from a trainer lock, and when you are only doing 60 damage a turn you will get hurt a lot.
  4. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys, i'll make those changes to the list.

    ALEXARD New Member

    You mean the trainer Lock with Spiritomb? there is a faster way to do it, with both Granbull that can hit 50 and switch with a DCE or Forretress that hits 30 with a metal and a colorless.

    Defender and max Potion will be necesary to keep your goths alive.
  6. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    I might play this for battle roads but idk, Beartic is looking like a solid play.
  7. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Why even bother with Gyro Ball? Goth does 50 for DCE/Psuchic anyway, then you dont need Drio or Ferro. Just play Jirachi and Shaymin UL to charge her up faster.
  8. DarkBlade

    DarkBlade New Member

    Um, I'm not helping with deck, but play it for BR's, Beartic is overated.
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  9. Darksanctuary

    Darksanctuary New Member

    personally id take a look at the rogue deck idea that came 2nd in worlds. the reason that deck did so well was because HP pokemon and being able to move the damage around/curing daamge off with blissey

    here we have something a bit similiar with trainer lock but i have to agree with shino, whats the point doing little damage just to switch back to goth?

    perhaps you could tank goth and make it so you could cause some problems for opponent and disrupt

    for example:
    mew prime/jirachi/muk could cause alot of disruption
    reinculous (sorry cannot spell) could manipulate the damage to other pokemon that hurt goth so stays in play longer
    shaymin for energy acceleration?

    my changes would be this (if taken all ideas in)
    +4 mew prime -gets quicksetup and can see off jirachi/muk quickly
    +2-1-2 reinculous (works wonders with max potion)
    +1 jirachi
    +1 shaymin
    + 1-2 muk (1-1 lineup for actual muk an 2nd to reduce chance of prize for mew)
    +1 pont (consistancy > copycat)
    +9 psychic

    -2-2 dodrio
    -3-3 forrothorn
    -2 copycat
    -8 metal
    -2 rainbow
    -1 tyrogue
    -1 cleffa

    thats personally what i would do, i hate baby pokemon though

    hope this helps in anyway shape or form.
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  10. WinkWinkNudgeNudge

    WinkWinkNudgeNudge New Member

    I'm suprised not to see catcher in this list.
  11. sid18

    sid18 New Member

    I do love this deck, I've been wanting to test it out for a while, I'm a bit sketchy with Goth being stage 2 but if it can get set up quick enough then it's definitely a winning strategy, hitting for 60 and switching back to Goth will definately work, I took CurseGar to Top 16 in UK nationals in 2010 just hitting for 60 and locking with Spiritomb and that was an SP filled format.

    I am going to try the hit and run deck myself just because I loved playing that cursegar deck so much, I was thinking of running it with the Granbull but I'm not sure myself yet, let me know how testing goes.
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  12. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    I forgot that >.<
    and I will make the changes to the list, im not sure if im going to rehaul the deck entirely, I wanted to stay within the original idea.
  13. walrus

    walrus New Member

    I vote for a rehaul
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