G2F Trade Thread - Need cards for decks, asap!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by George2FRESH, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member


    :pokeball: Ref rule applies at ALL TIMES. Lower refs send first. Scammers will be reported. The link to my refs are in my sig.
    :pokeball: I check lists.
    :pokeball: U.S Trade ONLY!! If you live overseas, please do not post. Thank you.
    :pokeball: Only English cards. 90-100% mint only.
    :pokeball: After addresses are exchanged, deal is CONFIRMED. No going back.
    :pokeball: Post here, or for faster replies, PM me.
    :pokeball: All cards listed are holo in one way or another. If you want a non-holo card listed on here, ask, I may have it.
    :pokeball: Cards must be sent in a Protective sleeve and Top Loader. If you send your card NOT in a top loader and sleeve, you wont be receiving your card in one either. Any damage done to the card is not my responsibility.
    :pokeball: I have TONS, TONS of commons from EX Set and some from the old sets. I need to get rid of them! So ask ask ask and I'll be more than happy to check for you.


    Ex's, Lv. X's, *'s:
    Porygon-Z Lv. X
    Darkrai Lv. X (Tin)
    Palkia Lv. X (Tin)
    Dialga Lv. X (Tin)
    Empoleon Lv. X (DP Pack, Poke-Power)
    Steelix Ex (WC) x1
    Medicham Ex (WC) x2

    Majestic Dawn

    Reg. Holo:
    1/100 Articuno
    3/100 Darkrai
    8/100 Manaphy
    9/100 Mewtwo
    13/100 Rotom
    14/100 Zapdos

    Rev. Holo:
    12/100 Phione
    14/100 Zapdos
    15/100 Aerodactyl
    18/100 Espeon
    21/100 Hippowdon
    22/100 Infernape
    26/100 Omastar
    27/100 Phione
    41/100 Monferno
    42/100 Mothim
    49/100 Unown Q
    52/100 Bronzor
    62/100 Eevee
    64/100 Electrike
    66/100 Hippopotas
    70/100 Pikachu
    73/100 Shellos (East Sea)
    75/100 Starly
    76/100 Stunky
    78/100 Turtwig
    84/100 Old Amber
    85/100 Poke Ball

    Non-Holo Mentionables:
    Aerodactyl Line
    Omastar Line
    + More
    + Many commons/uncommons. Just ask.

    Great Encounters

    Reg. Holos:
    3/106 Darkrai
    6/106 Porygon Z
    7/106 Rotom
    11/106 Togekiss

    Rev. Holos:
    3/106 Darkrai
    5/106 Pachirisu
    6/106 Porygon Z
    13/106 Beedril
    16/106 Dialga
    20/106 Kingler
    28/106 Slowking
    31/106 Weezing
    32/106 Wigglytuff
    35/106 Combusken
    44/106 Loudred
    45/106 Magcargo
    52/106 Seviper
    63/106 Caterpie
    66/106 Smeargle
    69/106 Houndour
    74/106 Koffing
    76/106 Lunatone
    79/106 Mankey
    80/106 Mudkip
    81/106 Porygon
    86/106 Swablu
    95/106 Wingull x2

    Ask about uncommons/commons

    Secret Wonders

    Reg. Holos:
    4/132 Entei
    9/132 Gastrodon - West Sea
    15/132 Mew
    16/132 Raikou
    19/132 Suicune
    20/132 Venusaur

    Rev. Holos:
    6/132 Gallade
    16/132 Raikou
    19/132 Suicune
    25/132 Electivire
    27/132 Furret
    29/132 Golem
    35/132 Pidgeot
    57/132 Nidorino
    75/132 Wartortle
    78/132 Burmy - Plant Cloak
    80/132 Burmy - Trash Cloak
    81/132 Carvanha
    83/132 Clefairy
    101/132 Qwilfish
    103/132 Rattata
    112/132 Squirtle

    Non-Holo Mentionables:

    Ask for uncommons/commons/multiples of a card.

    Mysterious Treasures

    Reg. Holos:
    12/123 Magmortar
    18/123 Uxie

    Rev. Holos:
    10/123 Honchkrow
    22/123 Chimecho
    26/123 Gyarados
    39/123 Walrein
    42/123 Chingling
    43/123 Cranidos
    46/123 Dodrio
    47/123 Dunsparce
    58/123 Parasect
    70/123 Aipom
    71/123 Aron
    78/123 Croagunk
    84/123 Geodude
    95/123 Remoraid
    96/123 Sandshrew
    97/123 Seel
    103/123 Spinarak

    Ask for uncommons/commons.

    Diamond & Pearl

    Reg. Holos:
    5/130 Infernape
    7/130 Luxray
    8/130 Magnezone
    15/130 Skuntank
    76/130 Chimchar

    Rev. Holos:
    3/130 Electivire
    4/130 Empoleon
    9/130 Manaphy
    14/130 Shiftry
    19/130 Beautifly
    21/130 Carnivine
    30/130 Lopunny
    38/130 Steelix
    48/130 Elekid
    56/130 Monferno
    86/130 Machop
    89/130 Meditite
    96/130 Shinx x3
    110/130 Pokeball x2

    Ask for uncommons/commons.


    Pop 6 - Riolu x8
    Majestic Dawn Pre-Release sleeves (Sealed)
    Great Encounters Pre-Release sleeves x5 (1 used, 4 Sealed)



    Japanese Pokeball Sleeves (Black or Light Blue)

    Lv. X's:
    Leafeon Lv. X
    Glaceon Lv. X

    Ambipom x2
    Blissey x3
    Claydol (GE) xX
    Dusknoir (DP) xX
    Empoleon (MD) xX
    Eevee (CFF, Rev. Holo) x1
    Gabite (MT Rev. Holo) x1

    Trainers (Normal or RH):
    Bebes Search xX
    Dusk Ball xX
    Felicities Drawing xX
    Night Maintenance xX
    Premier Ball xX
    PokedexHandi xX
    Rare Candy xX
    Roseannes Research xX
    Team Galactics Mars xX
    Team Galactics Wager xX

    Holo Basic Dark Energy x15
    Holo Fire Energy (HP) x7
    Holo Psychic League Energy x15
    Holo Water League Energy x10
    Holo Grass League Energy x10
    Holo Fighting Energy (Emerald Holo only) x1
    Holo Psychic Energy (Emerald Holo only) x2

    Current Trades:

    TeamPwnyJF (trade) => Waiting arrival of cards.
    AMT => Cards arrived, sending out a.s.a.p.
    Pinkertonfan => Waiting arrival of cards.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2008
  2. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I have the following from your wants.

    Steelix Ex (UF)
    Skarmory Ex (PK) x2
    Mew Ex (HP)
    Absol Ex (PK )

    I am interested in the following from you in the order listed.

    Gardevoir Lv. X
    Honchkrow Lv. X
    5/106 Pachirisu
    6/132 Gallade
    3/106 Darkrai
    4/106 Darkrai
    12/123 Magmortar

    Care to make an offer?
  3. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    I can trade all of those besides the Gardy X. Seeing as it's not mine just yet. It's up for grabs at this tourney that me and my friends hold. We're just waiting for a date to have our next one. And I can't guarantee that I'll win it also. And the Darkrai's I forgot to take off, I already traded those. but yea I can trade everything else. LMK
  4. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    OK Then how about this trade?

    Steelix Ex (UF)
    Mew Ex (HP)
    Absol Ex (PK )

    Honchkrow Lv. X
    5/106 Pachirisu
    6/132 Gallade
    8/106 Sceptile
    8/132 Gastrodon East Sea
    12/123 Magmortar

    And anything you do not have available for trade must be taken off your list as you are not allowed to list cards unless they are for trade.
  5. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Yea I'm editing it right now. Some of the cards you want aren't with me anymore. Very sorry.

    The main things I need as of right now are 2 Skarmory Ex's and Steelix Ex. Could you make an offer for those?
  6. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    You cannot list cards you don't own. Just a fair warning before a mod "informs" you of this rule.

    I will trade:

    1/106 Blaziken
    5/106 Pachirisu
    7/106 Rotom
    8/106 Sceptile
    12/106 Altaria
    16/106 Dialga
    22/106 Latias

    For 1x Skarmory ex (PK) and 3x RH PETM.

    If you do obtain the Gardevoir Lv. X, I do have at least one of the following:

    Steelix Ex (UF)
    Skarmory Ex (PK) x2
    Mew Ex (HP)
    Absol Ex (PK or World Championship) x3
    Holon Mentor xX
    PETM xX
    Holons Castform xX
    Holo Wants:
    Larvitar x1 (MT, Rev. Holo or Reg. Holo only!)
    Pupitar x3 (MT, Rev. Holo or Reg. Holo)
    Swablu d x2 (DF Holo)
    Torchic x2 (GE Holo)
    Combusken x3 (GE Holo)
    Growlithe x3 (LM, Holo)
    Holon Castform x6 (HP Holo)
    Seedot x3 (DP Rev. Holo)
    PETM xX (Any holo w/ Logo)
    Holon Adventurer x1 (HP, Holo w/ Logo)
    Scott x4 (Any holo)
    Energy Search xX (Any holo)
    Holo Fighting Energy x1 (Emerald)
    Holo Grass Energy x1 (Emerald)
    Holo Psychic Energy x1 (Emerald)
  7. Pokemonpat

    Pokemonpat New Member

    as per the rules:

    -Only list stuff you have intentions of trading, If you list things and have no intention of trading them you will be asked to remove them from your list.

    -You must have the cards/items in you possession to post them on the site.

    you are breaking 2 rules ,as you stated:

    please only list cards you have for trade ,in your possesion.

  8. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Let's try this again.

    Skarmory EX (PK) x1
    Steelix Ex (UF) x1

    And one of these.

    Mew Ex (HP)
    Absol Ex (PK )

    Honchkrow Lv. X x2
    5/106 Pachirisu
    6/132 Gallade
    8/106 Sceptile
    8/132 Gastrodon East Sea
    12/123 Magmortar

    I have made three offers now so if that doesn't work it is up to you to you to make the next offer.
  9. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Yes I know. Check the list again, it's edited. Took off blaziken as well as some others.
    If you're up for it, I can do:


    Skarmory Ex

    And if I get Gardy X, I'll get back to you. Seeing as you have mostly all my wants.

    ***Sorry about the whole thing with the list. Your rules are a lot different than Pokebeach. But it's all edited as far as I can see. If there's anything else, just let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!


    The list is edited. took off Gastrodon and Sceptile. If you still want to go through with the same trade w/o the Sceptile and Gastrodon, lmk. I am willing to do that trade. If not, I can do this:

    Honch. X


    LMK. Thanks
  10. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    Hmm.. Seems a bit sided to evil_psyduck here. Ok. A bit of friendly competition then.

    Honch. X

    for 2x Skarmory ex, 1x Steelix ex, and 2x RH PETM.
  11. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I can do that trade.
  12. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Lol but didn't you guys want different cards? I didn't know you were after the same cards as he was. Anyways, you ARE offering the cards I need. I guess I can do that. What set are your PETMS from? Eh, doesn't matter lol. As long as they're holo. I'll PM you.

    Evil Psyduck:
    Sorry, I didn't see your post and I already PM'd Pokemonforever to finalize. Thanks for looking though. If you see anything else, LMK.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2008
  13. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    I will finalize after I hear a reply from evil_psyduck. I do have a greater supply of cards, but I would like to give an opportunity if he wishes to counteroffer.
  14. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    You've got the trade. No way i can out trade you on this one. Watch out for the next time though.:lol:
  15. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Lol wow, first trade on in the Gym and there was already a competition. Lol you guys are cool.
  16. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    Ya; we know we are. :biggrin:

    Thanks for letting me have this one. :wink: I just have so many PETM... :rolleyes:
  17. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    No problem. Funny because I've had Steelix Ex (UF) on my wants list on Pokebeach since I joined the site which was SOO many months ago. And it was hard finding Skarmories. I come here, bam, I get em. Lol. :biggrin: Lovin this so far excluding all the minor difficulties. :tongue:
  18. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Can you hold on to the other Honchkrow LV X? I have the Absol EX and some of the small holos. Will get back to you later today.
  19. RockLee

    RockLee New Member

    Pachirisu, Magnezone rev, for skamory ex?
  20. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    I just traded off Pachi, but I still got Magnezone. Anything else? Not really looking to trade big for it, I already made a trade for 2.
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