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  1. kungfufita

    kungfufita New Member

    Pokemon 17
    3x Stantler (SW #113)
    1x Baltoy (GE #60)
    1x Claydol (GE #15)
    1x Gallade (SW #6)
    1x Gardevoir (SW #7)
    1x Gardevoir LvX (SW #131)
    3x Gible (MT #85)
    2x Gabite (MT #48)
    3x Garchomp (MT #9)
    1x Garchomp LvX (MD #97)

    Supporters 29
    4x Felicity's Drawing (GE #98)
    4x TV Reporter (DF #82)
    2x Celio's Network (CG #73)
    3x Premier Ball (GE #101)
    3x Quick Ball (MD #86)
    2x Master Ball (PK #78)
    2x PlusPower (SW #121)
    3x Rare Candy (GE #102)
    3x Warp Point (MD #88)
    3x Crystal Beach (CG #75)

    Energy 14
    8x Psy (obvious)
    2x Fire (Leafeon/terra/scept)
    2x Electric (emplo/kiss)
    2x Water (Magmortars)

    Strategy: Attack for 110 using Garchomps Dragon Fang enhanced by Rainbow Scale for an extra 40 damage if the type of your attached energy matches the weakness type of your opponent. The difference in this deck is you want to do it with a basic Garchomp avoiding a battle frontier that can stop your "poke body" on an evolved pokemon. It also stops an opponent from de-evolving your Garchomp since it is considered a basic pokemon.

    Best case scenario is to get an evolved Garchomp Lv X active with a Garchomp in your discard along with 3 energy's with at least 1 of them matching your opponent's weakness type. Depending on the scenario you can just use Restore or if you have also powered up your active Garchomp you may chose to attack for a turn or two before using restore being carefull not to let it get knocked out before using restore.

    Garchomp Lv X "Dragon Pulse" helps add some damage to benched Gallades (130 HP) or Gardivoir LvX (130 HP) but if you cant add two dmg bringing any 130 HP pokemon within range of a 110 Dmg attack. This is also why the PlusPowers were added incase there are not enough dmg on a 130 HP attacker.

    Premier Ball allows you to get the Lv X back from your discard pile and place back on your Basic Garchomp. Allowing you to use "Dragon Pulse" each time

    These were added for any decks that did not have weakness to my energy types. But you can tech in what you like to fit your style of play or meta game in your area.

    1x Gallade
    1x Gardevoir
    1x Gardivoir LvX
    *Try deck with:
    Flygon ex (PK #94) - would be good to reduce damage and help with discarding!
    Flygon ex δ (DF #92) - good for bench damage and no weakness and would help against G&G decks

    - The deck had big problems against G&G W/ Blissey but I figured out a way to play vs this matchup. (Future Edit)
    - Plox with a "Crystal Shard" tech would make me worry ("Mr Koo" :eek:)

    I think the supporters needs some work!
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  2. cubone

    cubone Member

    -4 stantler
    + 4 Phione # 12
    -2 Felicity's
    + 2 Celio's
    -2 Baltoy
    + 2 Chatot MD

    otherwise it looks solid
  3. kungfufita

    kungfufita New Member

    Since the initial evolution to Garchomp Lv X is so important Phione was the original starter in the deck but I changed it due to the second attack's need of water energy and also because we need to get energy and potential "restored" pokemon into the discard pile.

    I wanted to try this as a starter I will post results next week after league. Come to Barrie if you want to play me:) Saturday at Gamers Lair on Mapleview dr. Barrie Ont, Can. (11 am till 3 pm.)

    cubone: thank you for your comments! Good ideas!
  4. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Troy: You must have got a ton of points from Matt and it looks solid. I would have personally gone with Pokemon ex techs (eg. Flygon ex d, Jirachi ex, etc.) but, an overall good deck.
  5. nickseitler

    nickseitler New Member

    If one drops the Baltoy in the deck, wouldn't they also get rid of Claydol? Personally, I'd leave the 2-2 Claydol line.
  6. kungfufita

    kungfufita New Member

    Just worried about the 2x prize

    Thanks Zach
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  7. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    Phione isn't that much of a useful pokemon here only because the only evolve pokemon you got is a gabite which you only have 2 of and one claydol which one or the other my be prized. Also, you're only using 3 gible and one baltoy so what's the odds that you're going to have either of them on your bench t1 with a Phione, you'd need a call energy which would ruin the chemistry of your Garchomp not to mention you don't even have any supports to get any basics out to begin with.

    I'd say keep the Stantlers in and use the ball engine with 4 of Felicities, TVs and even Adventures this way you can use all the balls in your hand get pokemon into your hand and use these draw cards to discard them.

    This is a somewhat a list i'd play

    Pokemon 18
    3x Stanlter
    1x Baltoy
    1x Claydol
    1x Gallade
    1x Gardevoir
    1x Gardivoir LvX
    3x Gible
    2x Gabite
    3x Garchomp
    1x Garchomp Lv X

    4x Felicity's Drawing
    4x TV Reporter
    2x Celio Network
    3x Premier Ball
    3xQuick ball
    2xMater ball
    2xPlus power
    3x Rare Candy
    3x Warp Point
    3x Crystal Beach

    Energy 14
    8x Psy (obvious)
    2xFire (Leafeon/terra/scept)
    2x Electric (emplo/kiss)
    2xWater (Magmortars)

    I'll help some more and tell you where i'm going with this list if i had more time!
  8. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Stantler is a no-no.
    -4 Stantler
    +1 Gible
    +1 Gabite
    +1 Garchomp
    +1 Wager

    Garchomp dosen't need a starter. Why? It ruins part of the deck. A Gible start is ideal.

    You need to play all energy types. Roseannes is needed.

    Garchomp FTW!

    NOTE: Don't ever play rotom in garchomp decks.
    Restore already gets energies back.
  9. kungfufita

    kungfufita New Member

    No LvX?

    How do I use restore then?

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:


    Thank you for helping! I know how busy you are. I will make those changes tonight. I am going to use this deck as a replacement for my Feraligater. I really like playing it. Your suggestions make total sense and I can see the deck working much more smoothly with what little experience I have with it.

    Thanks again
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2008
  10. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    You already have the garchomp X.

    I just increased the line.

    NEVER use 2 Garchomp X.
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