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  1. Nebraskaman

    Nebraskaman New Member

    Pokemon: 15
    2 Chingling
    4-2-3 Gallade
    2 Gardy
    1-1 Ampharos

    T/Su./St.: 28
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Mars
    1 Mentor
    2 Roseanne's
    2 Steven's
    2 TVR
    3 Mr. Stone's
    2 Scott
    4 Celio's
    1 plus power
    1 Strength charm
    1 Q Ball
    1 Battle Frontier

    Energies: 16
    5 Psycic
    4 Fighting
    2 lightning
    2 multi
    2 DRE
    1 Scramble

    I know some of these cards are irrelevent. I am in the process of changing them. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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  2. psy

    psy New Member

    OMG you stole my idea! I was thinking to use a Gallade/Gardy/Amphy deck on tomorrows CC.
    I use Chimecho/Chingling instead of Sableye as starter. And I use 2 Roseannes Research and 1 Holon Mentor instead of 3 Holon Mentor.

    Or else we have almost same deck :).
  3. Nebraskaman

    Nebraskaman New Member

    thanks. Any more suggestions people????

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Absolutely no-one!!!!! Please people, HELP!!!
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